Carlsbad’s Own Everyday Edison

by The Editors on July 6, 2008

Arts2Invent280The PBS show Everyday Edisons features passionate, sometimes comically misguided inventors as they attempt to bring their new products to market.

Carlsbadistan resident Michael Diep (who escpaed from from Viet Nam by boat with his family in 1980) is one of the inventors the show will follow in its second season, according to a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune. His product: Emery Cat scratching post.

Michael Diep, who makes his living as a salesman and an entrepreneur, welcomed the chance to work with the program after seeing what happened with the products from the first season. They’re being sold in stories, through mail order or on the Internet. . . .The scratching post came to him after he helped his brother take a cat to the vet for a nail trim. The cat didn’t want to go, which meant a chase, a wrestling match, scratches, flying fur.

You can catch the first episode of Everyday Edisons today at noon on KPBS. The show will continue for the next 13 weeks.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]


Carlsbad Magazine Counts It Down

by The Editors on July 3, 2008

Cbadmag708The new issue of Carlsbad Magazine features a list of the Top 10 things to do in Carlsbad. What’s number one? The editors really reached on this one: The Beach. Apparently, there are “at least 10 different things to do at the beach.”

The only actually interesting thing on the list is the Museum of Making Music, and it was number seven. Oh, and number 10? Shopping. Right.

For the real goods check out the story on the Locals’ Top 25. That list is for people who enjoy Carlsbadistan.

A couple activities, however, were apparently left off both lists. Here are a few of them:

  1. Get all mellow and post artistic observations to a blog.
  2. Ride a cruiser home drunk from Dinis
  3. Talk loudly about how rad things used to be on the patio at Pizza Port.
  4. Set up lawnchairs and umbrellas with all your salty buddies and oogle young mom’s as they push strollers past OffShore.
  5. Park your monsterous motorcoach on top of the seawall, put all your furniture on the lawn (including your TV, electric grill, and inflatable pool), and pretend you live here.
  6. Set off fireworks every night of the year, just when people are getting to sleep.
  7. Let your dog take huge, runny dumps on the sidewalk and then leave them there for everyone to admire.
  8. Speed up and down Coast Highway in your 2007 Chevy Malibu and gas it whenever you see people stepping into a crosswalk.
  9. Get into late-night arguments with your boy/girlfriend outside someone else’s window at 1:30 in the morning.
  10. Spend the day sitting at Starbucks frightening people with your leering, creepy glances.
  11. Let all five of your dogs loose to run on the beach.
  12. Have a romantic Carl’s Jr. dinner on the beach, then leave all your trash on the sand.
  13. Race up Garfield like you’re in the Indy 500.
  14. Kayak into the lineup at Tamarack.
  15. Yell into your cellphone during dinner at Jay’s Gourmet.
  16. And at least once a month, move your bowels under the Hemlock Stairs.

There’s more, but we really need to go get some coffee.


Carlsbad Gourmet On The Food Network

by The Editors on July 1, 2008

Img 3616

Carlsbad’s own fine food company The Carlsbad Gourmet will be featured on the first episode of the Food Network’s brand new show Road Tasted with the Neely’s.

The new program is a mix of two shows from last season Road Tasted and Down Home with the Neelys. Now, rather than cooking at home Pat and Gina Neely are hitting the road “in search of the best local, handcrafted foods along with finding all sorts of people, personalities and adventure along the way.” Their first stop: Carlsbad to spend the day with Russ Bruhn in the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields.

Airing July 13, 2008, the show will feature the Carlsbad Gourmet’s Strawberry Jalapeño Spread along with their “Award Winning Ruby Red Strawberry BBQ Sauce.” Not to mention amazing views of both the Strawberry Fields and The Flower Fields.

It’s nice to see Carlsbadistan getting a little national recognition for fine flavors. Now, we just need to taste some to see if it really lives up to the hype.

[Link: Carlsbad Gourmet]

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AT&T’s All New U-worse

by The Editors on June 24, 2008

Logo AttuverseWe finally pulled the plug on Time Warner Cable. We could not continue to justify paying $140 a month for a system that never worked properly (OnDemand especially).

No sooner did we quit cable than we started hearing that AT&T was sending people door-to-door in Carlsbadistan selling their new “100% digitally delivered television,” Internet, and phone service called U-verse. We’ve written about U-verse before and the reviews have not been good.

Today we got the following from a reader who switched to AT&T’s U-verse for about a week, but is now going back to cable:

“AT&T sucks! Hard selling (contracted sales force) Girls roaming the neighborhoods selling the savings of AT&T. . . My whole bundle of services was down for 3 days+ (including the phone). All the techs are nice but it gets down to a unreliable service. So now we are on the Disconnect AT&T program and going back to Time Warner.”

If you’ve signed up for AT&T’s U-verse service, please let us know how it’s going. We’re personally going to just stick with Internet and Apple TV, but there may be others who would like to know what they’re getting into before then go through all the hassles.


D: All Things Digital Returns To Carlsbad

by The Editors on May 5, 2008


The biggest, most important tech conference (if you judge it by its attendees), D: All Things Digital will be back in Carlsbad at the Aviara Four Seasons Resort May 27-29, 2008.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft. News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch. Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner. Yahoo’s Jerry Yang. . . . All of them engaged in roiling Internet deal-making of late and all of them in just three weeks on the same stage–but not, thankfully, at the same time.

Looks like this is going to be an even better party to crash than last year.

[Link: D: All Things Digital]


Carlsbad High’s Dachau Fieldtrip

by The Editors on April 19, 2008

Students in Doug Green’s broadcast journalism class at Carlsbad High made a Holocaust pilgrimage to Germany’s Dachau prison camp to make a documentary film.

Taking turns with three high-definition video cameras, the students captured about 25 hours of footage, including their own thoughts about the Holocaust. . . .Students will weave footage from Dachau with their interviews to produce a 45-minute documentary called “Never Again,” to be released on DVD this fall.

We’re sure this film will be interesting, however, we can say that Holocaust documentaries aren’t something we look forward to seeing.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]

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More HD Channels, Same Sucky Service

by The Editors on April 4, 2008

Time Warner Cable2Time Warner Cable apparently announced today that we’ll be getting six new high definition channels in our lineup starting Tuesday April 8. While we’d be much happier with “OnDemand” that functioned (though after calling four times and having the box replaced twice we’ve pretty much given up on that), more HD is always good.

The new channels include: CNN HD, channel 726; Discovery HD, channel 743; Animal Planet HD, channel 764; Food Network HD, channel 751; HGTV HD, channel 753 and The Learning Channel HD, channel 755.

“By increasing our HD channel offerings, Time Warner Cable ensures customers can get the most out of their HDTVs and watch what they want, when they want, in HD,” Marc Farrar, vice president of public affairs for TWC’s San Diego division, said in a statement.

We don’t know about the most, Marc, but we’ll definitely have six more channels. Thanks.

[Link: Multichannel News]


Carlsbad’s Court Sketcher Profiled

by The Editors on April 4, 2008

300Px-Lignante ThephantomCarlsbad resident Bill Lignante, 82, spent 26 years doing courtroom sketches for ABC TV, yesterday he was profiled in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

If you watched ABC network news coverage of high-profile trials such as those of Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, Rodney King and Patty Hearst, you saw Lignante’s work. . . . Lignante, who graduated from the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 1949, illustrated popular comics, including “The Phantom” and “Ozark Ike,” and worked on well-known television cartoons such as “Scooby-Doo” and “Johnny Quest” for Hanna-Barbera. He drew the famous portraits of celebrities that hang on the wall of The Palm restaurant in Los Angeles.

He says the O.J. Simpson trial ended the careers of many courtroom artists. We kind of miss those drawings. It’s good to know we have someone in Carlsbad who can still whip them out.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]


The Coming Carlsbad Soonami

by The Editors on March 7, 2008

This trailer is from the film Drips by group of Carlsbadistanians who call themselves Soonami Productions. Their newly launched website describes them like this:

We are a group of people passionate about film, theatre, music, photography, video production and fine art. As artists, we are interested in working with local San Diego artists and others across the U.S. to pursue artistic projects of these types. Through the Web and other technologies we hope to take advantage of redefining what community is by working with those who share our passions and values whether near or far away.

Local creativity at its finest. No doubt.

[Link: Soonami Productions]


FOX 6 Live At The Hemlock Stairs

by The Editors on February 28, 2008


There is nothing like starting the morning out with a live view of the beach at Tamarack. Maybe that’s why the FOX 6 News live camera was set up at the top of the Hemlock stairs this morning at 6 AM, unmanned, and pointed at the surf while the camera operator sat in the van and held hands with his barefoot girlfriend.

We don’t watch local TV news so maybe you can tell us what they were doing here other that grabbing some morning weather shots.