Carlsbad Detective Arrested For Drug Theft

by The Editors on January 23, 2012

Carlsbad Police Department Detective Michael C. Koch, 44, was arrested at the Carlsbad Police Station last Thursday (January 19, 2012) on “suspicion of burglary” according to a story in the UT San Diego.

[The] 18-year veteran of the Carlsbad Police Department was arrested . . . on suspicion of burglary shortly after numerous co-workers apparently witnessed him stealing narcotics from the department’s property impound room, authorities said Monday.

Sadly, narcotics make good people do bad things all the time. Koch is currently out on $25,000 bail and on “paid administrative leave” while the district attorney decides what charges to file.

[Note to future impound room thieves: steal the drugs before logging them into the impound room. Then no one will know they’re missing. That’s how they always do it in the movies.]

[Link: UT San Diego]

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