Vigilante Crosswalk Painter Arrested

by The Editors on June 3, 2013

The recent re-crosswalking of Carlsbad Blvd/Coast Highway in Carlsbadistan has many residents upset that the City would actually remove a crosswalk (at Juniper Ave) on such a busy street with high pedestrian traffic.

Before anyone gets any ideas about replacing those old crosswalks on their own time, check out this story from Vallejo, California. Anthony Cardenas, 52, was arrested for felony vandalism for putting in a crosswalk on a street near his home and now he’s in jail.

“He admitted freely that he had painted the crosswalk and he’d done what he thought was correct for the neighborhood,” said Vallejo Police Sgt. Herman Robinson.

We’re not saying don’t do it. Just be sure you know the risks before you start painting.

[Link: KGO-TV via Boing Boing]

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