CHS Students Say Williams Is Unfit To Serve

by The Editors on May 25, 2023

The Carlsbad High School news site The Lancer Link has called out Assistant Principal Ethan Williams as “unfit to serve” in an editorial posted May 24, 2023.

After video surfaced of Williams calling for “no sexual identity or gender ideology curriculum, groups, or celebrations on public school campuses” it became obvious to many in Carlsbad that Williams’ personal religious beliefs may be getting in the way of his ability to serve the needs of all Carlsbad students. Here’s how the student journalists put it:

With his statements at the Stand for Truth meeting, Williams demonstrated that he does not agree with California Education Code, Carlsbad Unified Board Policy or the values that the Carlsbad Unified School District should stand for. Therefore, he cannot effectively support all CHS students. . . As students, we want to see school leaders who reflect our desire for equity and diversity on campus. As students, we want our identities to be validated. As students, we want to feel safe. . . How are we supposed to feel safe when a member of our administration is actively encouraging the elimination of programs designed to support us? How are we expected to place our trust in an administrator who disrespects who we are? How can we stand idly by when one of our leaders is propagating hate?

Carlsbad should be so proud of the students of Carlsbad High School, particularly those on staff at The Lancer Link, who are willing to speak out for those who may not be able to speak out for themselves. For the rest of the editorial, please click the link.

[Link: The Lancer Link]

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