School Shooter Arrested On Way To Carlsbad

by The Editors on January 29, 2008

MitchellIn 1998 13-year-old Mitchell Johnson helped kill five people in a Jonesboro, Arkansas school yard shooting called The Jonesboro Massacre. Now, after serving time and getting released in August of 2005, he was arrested again on New Year’s Day when deputies “allegedly found two weapons while searching his car” after a traffic stop. They also found an ounce of marijuana in his pocket.”

But here is the best part:

Johnson . . . told authorities he and the other man in the vehicle, Justin Trammell [a guy who killed his own father with a crossbow in 1999], were moving to Carlsbad, Calif., south of Los Angeles. . . “Honest to God, I’m just trying to get to Cali, man,” Johnson told deputies as they searched the loaded-down, 1980s Ford van at a Fayetteville convenience store. The incident was recorded on video.

We’re going to just hope that his new trial (which started yesterday) puts him back in prison long enough for him to get over his Carlsbadistan dreaming.

[Link: Associated Press]

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