Forecloser Rent Scammers Go To Jail

by The Editors on January 27, 2009

It’s only for 90 days, but several North County residents are happy to know that Orange County residents Alexander Braslavsky, 34, and Anthony Patrick Marshall, 38, are headed to the clink for renting out homes they didn’t own, according to a story in the North County Times.

Linda Smith, who had fallen prey to their scam, whispered a loud “yes” in an otherwise quiet courtroom as Superior Court Judge Daniel Goldstein sentenced [the men]. . . The pair would show the home, make a deal with the victim, hand over a set of house keys and take the victim’s money, Winn said. . . Each victim paid between $3,350 and $4,500 to the pair, she said. . . Families moved into the homes, Winn said, only to find out within days that their rental agreement was phony. . . . In reality, the two men had no ties to the home at all, and the victims had no idea that the homes they thought they were renting were actually in foreclosure and set for auction, Winn said.

Nice work. It’s sad they’re couldn’t spend even more time in jail.

[Link: North County Times]

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