Council Unanimous In Lego Hotel Approval

by The Editors on October 30, 2009

Legoland-Calif-Resjpg-1Earlier this week the Carlsbadistan City Council approved Legoland’s plans for a 254-room, 137,000-square-foot hotel that will be built in the theme park’s parking lot, according to a Michael Burge story in the San Deigo Union-Tribune.

The propsed hotel will feature a restaurant, bar, and nightclub, the later of which seemed to ruffle at least one of councilman Keith Blackburn feathers. But Legoland officials were quick to clear that up.

“The reference to ‘nightclub’ in our list of planned amenities would be better phrased as ‘Evening Legoland Club,’ as it again will be aimed directly at families with young children . . . between 2 and 12 years old,” said Peter Ronchetti, the general manager of Legoland California. “So we have no ambitions to enter the nightclub business.”

Or course not. Legoland’s only ambition is to keep every single tourist dollar they can and let as little leak out into the community as possible.

[Link: San Deigo Union-Tribune]

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