Downsouth Newspaper Dance Off

by The Editors on April 22, 2011

One really good reason to never drive south of Ponto on Historic Highway 101. Happy Earthday!

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alfredo April 22, 2011 at 1:50 pm

I saw this guy yesterday doing his newspaper JIG. i know these guys are on the rebound and are working on the rehab thing…. BUT this guy either drank too many redbulls or is still on the _ _ _ _ _ ( you fill in the blank). OR he is just a groov’n dude that wants to add a little value to your NCtimes purchase. heck, with that papers content- you would really have to dance a jig to sell them… but i miss the “back page”. that was the only good part of that paper. sad to say i am a UTribune subscriber. but for a little moonwalking and breakdancing… here’s your buck !!!

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