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Dennis Gluck To Be Tried In Parents’ Murder

by The Editors on April 8, 2009

Original.JpgDennis Gluck, 44, (described as a “mentally ill drifter”) has apparently confessed to murdering his parents in their Chestnut Avenue home on January 18 and today a judge decided today that there is enough evidence for Dennis Gluck to stand trial for murder, according to a story on San Diego 6.

Carlsbad Detective Bryan Hargett disclosed some things Gluck said during the confession. . . “Didn’t want them to suffer, wanted it to be over quickly.” . . . The detective said Gluck was angry with his parents, but especially angry with his father. . . .”Says he wanted to knock Harry’s teeth out and break every bone in his body.”

Hopefully, this trial won’t take too long.

[Link: San Diego 6]


Dennis Gluck Arrested For Parents Murder

by The Editors on February 27, 2009

Gluck T180.JpgDennis Gluck, 44, was riding a bus near Ensendada Mexico when Mexican police arrested him on suspicion of chopping his parents (Harry and Jean Gluck) to death in their Chestnut Ave. Carlsbad home on January 18, 2009, according to a story in the San Diego Union-Tribne.

Dennis Gluck, 44, was taken into custody by Mexican police Thursday night and handed over to Carlsbad detectives just after 1:30 a.m at the San Ysidro border crossing, Carlsbad police Lt. Kelly Cain said. . . . Gluck was booked into the Vista jail, with bail set at $5 million, Cain said. . . . Castillo said that while Gluck was in Mexico he stayed in cheap motels or slept on the bus and spent his time wandering around. He said Gluck had been homeless before and was used to that kind of transitory life. His circuitous route took him some 2,000 miles, Castillo said.

We’re glad he’s off the street, but this continues to be one of Carlsbad’s saddest stories.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]


The Search For Dennis Gluck Continues

by The Editors on February 6, 2009

GluckPolice are still searching for Dennis Brian Gluck, 45, in connection with the hacking death of his elderly parents Harry, 90, and Jean Gluck, 77 on Chestnut Ave in Carlsbad, according to a story on

Dennis Gluck was once arrested for threatening someone with a machete while he was homeless in Oceanside, according to Cain. . . . Gluck, who is mentally ill, had been staying with his parents and Jean Gluck’s elderly brother for several months prior to the slayings, the lieutenant said.

Gluck’s car was found in Ensenada, Mexico nine days after police discovered the bodies. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Dennis Brian Gluck (pictured right) should call the US Marshals Service at 800-366-0102.



Gluck Not Competent To Stand Trial

by The Editors on June 24, 2009

Gluck09Today, Wednesday June 24, 2009 Judge Frederick Maguire found Dennis Gluck, 44, not mentally competent to stand trial for charges relating to the January 2009 hacking deaths of his parents in their Carlsbad home.

Dennis Gluck, 44, will be sent to Patton State Hospital for up to three years or until he regains his competency, authorities said. . . After reviewing a doctor’s report, Judge Frederick Maguire suspended criminal proceedings against Gluck and ordered that he be sent to the state mental hospital for treatment.

Hopefully, this means Gluck will be off the streets until a trial is finished.