The McTwist & The Mc Double

by The Editors on March 18, 2010

Mcgill 8

The Coast News gets the straight scoop on the McTwist and Shaun White’s Double McTwist 1260 from the trick’s originator Mike McGill (seen above at the Encinitas YMCA).

“It definitely feels good when somebody like Shaun White gives you props for your trick,” said McGill, who landed the first McTwist at a Swedish summer camp in 1984. “I made the trick and I still couldn’t believe how he was going to do two (spins) because you are going blind twice.”

Nice reminder of where things have come from and where they’re going.

[Link: The Coast News]

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Shaun White Wins X Games

by The Editors on January 26, 2009

We’re guessing this is news to no one with cable TV, but we’re going to link it up just for history sake: Carlsbadistan’s flying tomato resident Shaun White won all the snowboard events at the 13th Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado this weekend. By doing that he now has the most gold medals in X Games history and became the first snowboarder to win back-to-back halfpipe gold.

Congrats, Shaun. Slopestyle vidoe after the jump.

[Link: ESPN]
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X Games Star In Carlsbad Magazine

by The Editors on January 24, 2009


She may not have won the X Games halfpipe last night thanks to a bit of trouble with a frontside 900 spin and being “down for a minute and motionless” according to TransWorld Snowboarding magazine, but Gretchen Bleiler is still a Carlsbadistan resident and we’re proud of her.

If you saw her zipping through Carlsbad Village on her scooter, with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind, you might mistake Gretchen Bleiler for just an average Carlsbad girl on her way to check the surf.

But according to the profile in Carlsbad Magazine she is much more than that. Check it out.

[Link: Carlsbad Magazine]

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Winter’s Children Invade Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on December 3, 2008

Warren+Miller+Children+Of+Winter+LogoFor the past 59 years Warren Miller movies have signaled the official start of winter for skiers around the world. On December 14, 2008 the newest in the Miller fanchise Children of Winter hits the Carlsbad Village Theatre for two shows (4 and 7 PM).

When it’s cold and snowing, others run inside. But skiers and snowboarders do the opposite, no matter how old we are,” said Max Bervy, director and producer. “We are all the Children of Winter, and if you ski or ride, this movie reaffirms what we all know, that we’re lucky to know the shortest, coldest days of the year.”

The film will be the same old movie we’ve all seen year after year, however this time around it’s narrated by former Olympic freestyle skier Jonny Mosley from a dazzlingly hilarious script by Micah Abrams. That plus all the free give-a-ways and it’s about as close as we get to a snowy winter night in Carlsbadistan. Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

Children of Winter shows December, 2008, 4:00 and 7:00 PM at the Village Theater, 2822 State St.

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Boarders For Christ Movie Premeire

by The Editors on November 12, 2008

Ctc PremeirPractitioners of what we like to call the SoCalChris flavor of Christianity who also snowboard and skateboard (and we know there are a lot of you in Carlsbadistan) will be stoked to check out the film Created To Create.

Created to Create is the story of a group of unwitting teenage skateboarders and snowboarders that when faced with the question “Why were you created?” yell back loud and clear. Professional skateboarder Christian Hosoi leads you through ten years with this band of boarders as they travel America doing what they were created to do.

The film which profiles Boarders For Christ premieres Monday November 17, 2008 from 6:30 to 9:00 PM at The North Coast Calvary Chapel, 1330 Poinsettia Lane, Carlsbadistan, CA 92011. The free show will also feature live music by Caleb Jude Green.

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Boy Injured Towing From Car On Skateboard

by The Editors on October 10, 2008

Skate Slam

A 16-year-old skateboarder who was towing along beside his friend’s car on Garfield was run over and injured today at approximately 5:45 pm. Carlsbad Fire and Police responded to the accident and closed Garfield in both directions from Sycamore to Walnut.

“He was hanging on to the side a friends car and was just about to let go when he fell,” said one witness.

The boy was conscious and appeared to be speaking with the ambulance crew while he was being loaded on to the backboard.

Another bystander reported that he had a serious gash on the back of his head, but didn’t seem to have any other major injuries. “He is okay, he is okay,” she kept saying into her cellphone.

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Carlsbadistanian Wins Ultimate Boarder 2008

by The Editors on April 20, 2008

AstorgaWhile we may not be so sure about “The Triathlon of a New Generation” a.k.a. the Ultimate Boarder 2008, (contest in which athletes compete in snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding with combined scoring), we are absolutely sure that the right guy won.

Carlsbadistan’s Aaron Astorga (you may have seen him driving around town in the Hurley sprinter van) edged out pro snowboarder and ESPN commentator Todd Richards and rolled away with a check for $30,000.

It was an amazing event and everyone had a great time” said Ultimate Boarder champion, Aaron Astorga. “The contest organizers did an unbelievable job of bringing all of the surfers, skaters and snowboarders together and I know a lot of us are already looking forward to next year’s contest.”

Aaron, thanks for showing the world that Carlsbadistan remains action sports central. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Follow the jump for all the details.

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Shaun White Wins Slope and Pipe At US Open

by The Editors on March 23, 2008

08Uso MhpCarlsbadistan’s favorite action sports superstar Shaun White won his third consecutive US Open of Snowboarding halfpipe today at Stratton Mountain, Vermont.

Coming off a win at Friday’s Slopestyle, the reigning US Open Halfpipe Champion would once again destroy the competition and end his day with a victory lap. Shaun’s winning run consisted of a first-hit frontside 10 stale to cab 10 into his signature frontside 5 stale, McTwist, frontside 9 with a backside 9 ender—all HUGE and flawless.

The kid is good. It’s that simple.

[Link: US Open of Snowboarding]

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Carlsbad Loses Snowboard Clothing Company

by The Editors on February 28, 2008

Holden Outerwear, a snowboard clothing company that has been operating as part of the Carlsbad-based K2 Sports for nearly seven years is leaving Carlsbad for Portland, Oregon.

The company has had its design, marketing and some of its production business in Portland since it launched in 2001. But the company had a license agreement with Carlsbad, Calif. company Earth Products for sales and distribution. . . The parties announced Wednesday that they’ve decided to end the agreement.

So long, Holden.

[Link: Oregon Live]

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Shaun White Celebrates 21 Birthday. . . In Vegas

by The Editors on September 5, 2007

Tony HawkAccording to Carlsbad’s action sports hero Shaun White recently celebrated his 21st birthday in Las Vegas (of course) with 40 of his closest friends including Carlsbad skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Apparently Shaun had. . .

. . . dinner at Las Vegas’s N9NE Steakhouse . . . feasted on everything possible, even buying out every magnum bottle of Cristal in the joint. After dinner, the group flocked to the Playboy Club, taking in a rock-and-roll set by DJ OB-one, and partying well into the morning.

Yeah, that’s the way you do it, you ride that snowboard on that ESPN. That ain’t workin’ . . .


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