July 2012

Carlsbad Fall Hoops Registration Opens Aug. 1

by The Editors on July 27, 2012

Basketball CbadOn Wednesday, August 1, 2012 registration will open for the City of Carlsbad’s fall youth basketball program at the Calavera Hills and Stagecoach Park community centers.

Teams will begin hour-long practices twice a week beginning the first week of November. Games will be played on Saturdays—with an occasional weeknight game—starting Dec. 1. . . Fall Hoops will teach participants the game of basketball and the value of teamwork and give them a chance to showcase those lessons at weekly games. . . Once registered, all players must attend an evaluation session for team placement. Volunteer coaches will select the teams’ practice times. Spaces are limited so register now!

The program will cost $105 per child for residents $115 for non-residents. For more information on the City of Carlsbad Parks & Recreation Department’s youth basketball registration and to register, go to www.carlsbadconnect.org or call 760-434-2971.

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The Riehl World: Parks Care Up for Grabs

by Richard J. Riehl on July 26, 2012

Mark Twain once said of life’s injustices, “No good deed goes unpunished.” That came to mind when I learned of Carlsbad’s plan to outsource jobs of city workers who sacrificed pay and benefits over the last several years to help the city survive the Great Recession. Carlsbad not only survived, it prospered on the backs of those worker bees.

The city council voted Tuesday night to seek bids from contractors to outsource all parks maintenance services. A consulting firm was paid $102,000 for a report claiming contractors could save the city $1.7 to $3.68 million each year.

What’s wrong with this picture? Ninety-six percent of city residents rate parks maintenance “good” or “excellent.” But city officials are now ready to risk that level of citizen satisfaction by replacing those responsible for it with lower-paid workers hired to enhance the profitability of a private contractor.

The consultants compared Carlsbad’s yearly parks maintenance cost per-acre, half of which is currently contracted out, with that of three regional cities that outsource all landscaping services. Only one, at $5,464 per acre, was lower than Carlsbad’s $6,572. The other two spent $10,353 and $10,104. [click to continue…]

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Council Votes To Explore Outsourcing

by The Editors on July 25, 2012

Parks WorkersIn a move that would seem to be just the beginning of a push to reduce the number lower-paid City of Carlsbad employees, the Carlsbadistan City Council last night voted to “pursue outsourcing of all parks maintenance work” according to a Barbara Henry story in the North County Times.

The move came just a few weeks after city-hired consultants issued a report showing the city could save between $1.7 million and $3.68 million by outsourcing all parks maintenance work, including tree-trimming, lawn mowing, irrigation system repairs and weed prevention. . . Council members emphasized that the ultimate decision to outsource wasn’t happening Tuesday night —- their move simply starts that process and will give them more data on potential cost savings.

According to the story, outsourcing the park maintenance could affect 48 dedicated, skilled City of Carlsbad workers. Hopefully, the council will remember that our parks look as great as they do because we have people who care working on them. All outsourcing does is take our public funds and channel them directly into the hands of private corporations who profit by not paying their workers a living wage. It also pushes accountability further and further away. On the other hand, think of all the money the City could save if it outsourced all of its administration functions?

[Link: North County Times]

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Carlsbad Needs Basketball Coaches

by The Editors on July 25, 2012

Basketball CbadThe Carlsbad Parks & Recreation Department is looking for a few good people to coach basketball for boys and girls in first through eighth grade.

Practices are one weekday evening per week and games are on Saturday’s at either Calavera Hills or Stagecoach Community Centers. Practices start in November and games in December, with the season ending mid-February. Our leagues are designed for fun, learning, and sportsmanship. Training is also available.

All coaches must pass a background check and get fingerprinted before participating. Contact Grant Titus at grant.titus@carlsbadca.gov or 760-434-2971 for more information. Deadline for indicating interest is October 15th.

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TGIF July 27: B-Side Players

by The Editors on July 25, 2012

BsideplayersSan Diego world beat stalwarts The B-Side Players return to Carlsbadistan’s Jazz In The Park for the second year in a row on Friday evening, July 27, 2012, as Poinsettia Park gets irie.

The Players bring back their original brand of global funk flavored with reggae, son, afro-beat, acid jazz, hip- hop and anything that catches their restless musical intelligence.

Jazz in the Park begins at 6 PM. Be sure to arrive early because parking can be a problem. Poinsettia Park is located at 6600 Hidden Valley Rd.

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Lake Calavera Trail Systems

by The Editors on July 23, 2012

It’s not exactly a secret spot for Carlsbadistan mountain bikers, but if you haven’t been out to the Calavera Trails recently, here’s a little update from the City of Carlsbad. Which reminds us, it’s probably time to go burn some laps. . .

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TGIF July 20: Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums

by The Editors on July 20, 2012

Knockout SteveluckyCarlsbadistan’s Jazz in The Park has finally made the jump from the Eastern Front and back into Carlsbadistan as Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums (featuring Carmen Getit) boogie woogie up Poinsettia Park with a sound so swinging it may be dangerous for some audience members.

Their witty battle of the sexes, waged on his boogie boogie piano and her swinging’ guitar, is backed by some crazy sax action. Consummate musicians who love to entertain, this group brings back the days of saddle shoes and porkpie hats, so brush up on your jitterbug!

Bring a chair, a drink, and your dancing shoes. Poinsettia Park is located at the corner of Hidden Valley Road and Turnstone Road in Carlsbad. Jump, jive, and then you swing. . .

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Spy Optic Loves Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on July 19, 2012

Spy Kiss

Carlsbadistan based eyewear maker Spy Optic has used the bike lane on Carlsbad Boulevard (right in front of Dini’s) in their latest Beware campaign. Nice nose stand kiss, right?

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Mommy Porn Writer Coming To Costco

by The Editors on July 13, 2012

EljamesE.L. James, the author of those dirty little books the “eat pray hike” crowd just can’t get enough of will be in Carlsbadistan at Costco on Saturday, July 14, 2012 from 11 AM to 1 PM signing copies of her Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (really?).

Just to put everyone in the mood, here is a little smack of the book from The Daily Beast:

“At the touch of leather, I quiver and gasp. He walks around me again, trailing the crop around the middle of my body. On his second circuit, he suddenly flicks the crop, and it hits me underneath my behind … against my sex … The shock runs through me, and it’s the sweetest, strangest, hedonistic feeling … My body convulses at the sweet, stinging bite. My nipples harden and elongate from the assault, and I moan loudly, pulling on my leather cuffs.”

Guess there are worse things than spending your Saturday nooner at Costco with a bunch of heated up middle-aged Carlsbadistan women, right? Come to Costco, indeed. The Carlsbad Costco is located at 951 Palomar Airport Rd.

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Bike The Village Racks Go Up In Carlsbad

by The Editors on July 12, 2012

Bike Racks 008

It’s nearly impossible to safely ride a bike in Carlsbadistan during the day, but that hasn’t stopped the City of Carlsbad from installing 20 brand new bike racks in the Village of Carlsbadistan. We couldn’t be happier.

“The racks were installed on sidewalks within the public right-of-way where we’ve seen bikes locked up to street lights, trees, fountains, and fences. We worked with the business owners when possible to identify the best places to locate the racks,” said Bryan Jones, the City’s Deputy Director of Transportation. . . . Creating more parking for cyclists expands the customer base for merchants and improves traffic congestion by encouraging visitors to ride their bikes to the Village instead of driving.

Sure, you have to lean your bike up against the racks and it’s difficult to get more than two bikes locked to a rack at a time, but it’s a great step in the right direction. Now, if we could just eliminate cars from the Village entirely we’d be getting some where. Follow the jump for the complete details. [click to continue…]

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