October 2009

Carlsbad State Beach Services Cut

by The Editors on October 30, 2009

Low Tide13

The California State Department of Parks and Recreations has finally released their list of services that they will no longer be able to provide thanks to State budget issues. Looks like we’re going to lose lifeguards, restrooms, and trash service:

  • South Carlsbad State Beach: Lifeguard service scaled back and fire rings removed.
  • Carlsbad State Beach: Reduction in lifeguards, restrooms and trash service.

We’re wondering what reductions in restroom service means? Every other flush works? Or they’re going to be cleaned half as well?

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]

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Rubio’s Says No Thank You To Buyout

by The Editors on October 30, 2009

Rubios LogoLooks like the ownership of Carlsbadistan-based Mexican fast-casual chain Rubio’s Restaurants Inc. is not going to be sold after all, according to The Deal.

Mexican-themed casual dining chain Rubio’s Restaurants Inc. said late Thursday, Oct. 29, it rejected an $80 million buyout offer from shareholder Alex Meruelo and private equity firm Levine Leichtman Capital Partners. Rubio’s board said the $8 per share bid, announced Oct. 14, was not in the best interest of its stockholders.

But that isn’t stopping the company from looking for other buyers who may offer more.

[Link: The Deal]

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Council Unanimous In Lego Hotel Approval

by The Editors on October 30, 2009

Legoland-Calif-Resjpg-1Earlier this week the Carlsbadistan City Council approved Legoland’s plans for a 254-room, 137,000-square-foot hotel that will be built in the theme park’s parking lot, according to a Michael Burge story in the San Deigo Union-Tribune.

The propsed hotel will feature a restaurant, bar, and nightclub, the later of which seemed to ruffle at least one of councilman Keith Blackburn feathers. But Legoland officials were quick to clear that up.

“The reference to ‘nightclub’ in our list of planned amenities would be better phrased as ‘Evening Legoland Club,’ as it again will be aimed directly at families with young children . . . between 2 and 12 years old,” said Peter Ronchetti, the general manager of Legoland California. “So we have no ambitions to enter the nightclub business.”

Or course not. Legoland’s only ambition is to keep every single tourist dollar they can and let as little leak out into the community as possible.

[Link: San Deigo Union-Tribune]

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Callaway Loses $16.05 Million In Q3

by The Editors on October 30, 2009

Callaway-LogoTimes must be hard in the golf business. With expense accounts getting clipped and companies shedding extra employees we would guess that there are far fewer business deals going down on the golf course these days and Callaway is feeling it.

For the third quarter of 2009, net sales were $190.86 million, a decrease of 11%, compared to $213.45 million for the same quarter of 2008. . . For the first nine months of 2009, net sales were $764.95 million, a decrease of 19%, compared to $945.93 million for the same period of 2008.

But CEO George Fellows has found a silver lining:

“While market conditions have been challenging this year, we have managed our business in such a way that we have gained market share in all club categories, managed our expenses responsibly and invested in a few important growth initiatives that should position Callaway Golf to grow when the economy begins to rebound.”

We’re not sure that a bigger piece of a smaller pie is anything to be excited about.

[Link: Trading Markets]

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Tonight Is Thursdays on The Coast

by The Editors on October 29, 2009

Thursdays Otc-1

This isn’t exactly fair warning, but October’s Thursday On The Coast Art Walk is tonight in the Village of Carlsbadistan. Get all the details at the info boot at New Village Arts Theatre at 2787 State Street, Carlsbad.

[Link: Thursdays On The Coast]

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Boy & Girls Club Gets Halloween Costumes

by The Editors on October 29, 2009

Costume GiveawayThe Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad received 175 free Halloween costumes thanks to a donation made by WWE action figure maker Jakks Pacific, Inc. The company donated 100,000 costumes to Boys & Girls Clubs in Southern California this year.

“The kids – and their parents – were absolutely thrilled to learn they were getting free costumes for Halloween,” said Program Director Patty Tate. “Due to the tough economy, many families are not able to provide costumes for their children this season. It was so much fun seeing the smiles on their faces!”

It’s also nice that the makers of toys like Ruthless Aggression, Unmatched Fury, and Maximum Aggression action figures can do something positive for the kids of Southern California as well. Through it’s philanthropic arm JAKKS Cares the company has donated more than $20 million in toys, school supplies and monetary endowments to millions of underprivileged children around the world.
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Pacific Ridge Breaks Ground On New Building

by The Editors on October 29, 2009

Pacificrimschool Gb

On Saturday, October 25, 2009, Carlsbadistan’s Pacific Ridge School officially broke ground on its new energy efficient campus. According to the school more than 400 community members attended the event.

While an increasing number of businesses are working toward LEED certification, the Carlsbad non-profit, independent school will be one of only a handful of schools across the country on its way to achieve gold accreditation. . . Highlights of the new energy efficient campus, designed to reduce overall energy consumption by 42%, compared to traditional school buildings, include: Onsite solar power, Recycled construction materials, Natural lighting for 90% of classroom space, Passive ventilation for 100% of the public spaces, Reduction of landscape irrigation by 50%

The $20 million project is scheduled to be completed in time for this year’s Juniors (pictured above) to graduate from the new energy efficient school building. Follow the jump for all the official details.
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Ponto Landing Boat Gets Away Again

by The Editors on October 27, 2009

Apparently, the schedule of those panga’s delivering Mexican nationals to the South Carlsbadistan’s Ponto Landing are running a little tighter than we expected. On Monday, October 27, 2009 at approximately 2:40 AM another 20 illegals were arrested at Ponto, according to a story in the North County Times.

About 2:40 a.m., agents spotted a small, open-topped boat landing on South Ponto Beach, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection news release. Agents arrested 16 men and four women who disembarked, all Mexicans entering the country illegally, officials said.

Not so oddly, the men driving the boat and the boat itself could not be found. Click here for the complete rundown of monthly Ponto Landing arrests.

[Link: North County Times]

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Floating Airport For Carlsbadistan?

by The Editors on October 26, 2009

500X Floaty2

Adam Englund has a idea that solves most of San Diego’s airport problems: a 200 million square foot floating airport.

The structure Englund and his 40-strong group of collaborators–”pilots, naval architects, maritime engineers” as well as the standard array of finance types–are proposing is called OceansWorks Offshore Airport. The airport would be located mostly on the roof of the structure though. Below it would be four stories of open real estate open to almost limitless uses. “Hotels, restaurants, conference centers, free trade zones, distribution facilities, research facilities, universities…” Englund says, pauses for a moment, and then ticks off some more possibilities. “Even after all the space required for internal infrastructure, that leaves 200 million square feet. That’s more office space than currently exists in all of San Diego county.”

It would only cost $20 Billion and if they locked it down about 13 miles offshore at Terramar we’d be way, way into it.

[Link: OceansWorks Offshore Airport via Gizmodo via Infrastructurist]

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Give Blood Get Candy At Farmers Market

by The Editors on October 25, 2009

Apr0909 39This Saturday, October 31, 2009, the Carlsbad Village Farmers Market will be hosting a Halloween Party and Blood Drive.

Free Re-usable Goodie Bags will be given to the first 50 people in costumed Trick-or-Treaters. Healthy treats will be given out by the Farmers’ Market vendors to everyone in costume. A Costume Contest will be held at 3pm with prizes donated by Farmers Market vendors. The Blood Drive —sponsored by Kaiser Permanente—will run from 1-5pm.

Visitors can also pick up the official 2009 Carlsbad Village Halloween Goodie Guide listing all the Village merchants who will be handing out candy. We’re guessing they’d like the kids to lay off the tricking in the Village and stick to the treating, but we’re not sure. For more info call: 760-687-6453 or 760-434-2553.

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