June 2010

TGIF July 2: Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca

by The Editors on June 30, 2010


We have to admit that much of Carlsbadistan’s TGIF Jazz in the Park is deja vu all over again. (This is probably the second or third time we’ve said that, too.) But with Friday’s (July 2, 2010) concert by Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca it kind of makes sense.

When Lemvo takes the stage at Stagecoach Park he will be playing Jazz in the Park for the fourth time. And that tells us a couple things: One, Carlsbadistan loves Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca, and more importantly Lemvo apparently loves Carlsbadistan as well.

For those who’ve missed it here’s the short version:

Lemvo is a Congo-born artist of Angolan ancestry who is “the embodiment of the Afro-Latin Diaspora which connects back to Mother Africa via the Cuban clave rhythm. Lemvo is truly multi-cultural and equally at home singing in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Lingala, and Kikongo. . . Since forming his Los Angeles-based band Makina Loca in 1990, Lemvo has refined his craft and vision, raising his joyous voice with strength, singing songs that celebrate life, and most importantly, inspiring his audiences to let loose and dance away their worries.

We’ve probably said this before, too, but if you’re only going to attend one Jazz in the Park this summer, it should probably be this one.

[Link: TGIF Jazz In The Park]

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Lots Of Cancer But No Carlsbad Cluster

by The Editors on June 30, 2010

California State epidemiologists explained to a large group of concerned citizen at Carlsbad’s Sheraton Resort on Monday night June 28, 2010 that there is a difference between lots of cancer and a “cancer cluster.”

According to a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune the researchers studied 8,000 cases of cancer in Carlsbad between 1996 and 2008 and found that while there were higher than average instances of melanoma and cancer in adult women, but there was nothing to suggest a cluster.

“When we dig deeper we don’t see anything underlying these numbers and pointing a finger at anything specific,” Dr. Margaret McCusker said. . . .Epidemiologists also considered 323 cases that a community survey turned up, Lyman said. Health officials couldn’t verify about half of those cases and the rest did not add up to enough cases to affect their results. . . . Studies in 2007 and 2008 also found nothing unusual about the incidences or types of cancer in the area, but community members want more up-to-date information.

While it is good news, it doesn’t do much to answer the questions of parents who have lost children to cancer in Carlsbad. For more information visit the City of Carlsbad’s Cancer information page here.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]

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The Lossings To Eat Up Even More Of Carlsbad

by The Editors on June 30, 2010

Thelossings-Tm-Tm-1At the City Council meeting last night (June 29, 2010) the City announced that to cover the $4.2 million in loans it has made to “keep the golf course in the black” it is now planning to “transfer” and possibly sell two pieces of City-owned property, according to a story in the North County Times.

Initially, the two lots were to be leased to golf-related businesses, but they have stood vacant since they were created. . . One parcel is about 5 acres and the other is about 7 acres. They sit on each side of College Boulevard on the eastern edge of The Crossings at Carlsbad course. . . Joe Garuba, who is handing the issue for the city, said after Tuesday’s meeting that there has been “some interest” recently in the properties, but declined to provide specifics about the negotiations. . . . “I’m not going to talk about who or what,” he said.

We have one question: How much of Carlsbadistan is this golf course going to eat up before someone puts a stop to it? The Lossings has already cost the City of Carlsbad nearly $70 million and now the City want’s to begin slicing off pieces of itself to pay for more?

If the City is going to sell anything to cover its golf course loans it should simply cut it losses and sell the golf course to Legoland. They can throw up a few block sculptures, create some Lego golf carts, call it the “World First Lego Golf Course” and charge $350 green fees.

We’re not usually in favor of privatization, but The Lossings has been a revenue suck for over a decade and the sooner the City gets out of it the better. Then the City can spend a tiny fraction of that money on things everyone will use like parks, swimming pools, and skateboard parks. . .

[Link: North County Times via VoteJonWantz]

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The Freedom To Annoy

by The Editors on June 28, 2010

Img 8771

Today at the Carlsbadistan Post Office we were once again reminded of how great it is to live in a free country. A country that allows people from the political fringe to heckle the citizenry as they attempt to peacefully deposit mail in a mail box.

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Wakeskating Demo At Carlsbadistan Lagoon

by The Editors on June 28, 2010

Brian Grubb

Tomorrow, June 29, 2010 professional wake skater Brian Grubb will be on the Carlsbadistan Lagoon at California Watersports “hanging out and giving instruction, and possibly a demo ride” to fans beginning at 11 AM.

This is a wakeskate only event. This is going to be real casual just a little thank you from us to you. There is no cost for your ride. Just your undying loyalty to Wakesports and California Watersports. For more info call wakesports at 858-277-5757

Those who can’t make it tomorrow should check out Freeride Fridays at the Lagoon. For just $25 you get a wakeboard, a tow, and an “amazing Greasy Greg BBQ dinner.” The party starts at 3 PM on Fridays and goes until 7 PM. For more information click the link.

[Link: California Wakesports via Alliance Wake]

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Army & Navy’s New Upper School Commandant

by The Editors on June 28, 2010

ArmyandnavyThere will be no more fooling around for the 10th through 12th grade boys at Carlsbadistan’s Army And Navy Academy as former Sergeant Major of the School of Infantry West at Camp Pendleton, Joe L. Vines, Sr. has been named Commandant of the upper school.

Joe Vines was an outstanding United States Marine who led by example and who consistently exceeded the Corps’ high standards said Academy President BG (Ret) Steve Bliss. He is renowned as a leader who is dedicated, loyal, intelligent and articulate and is a perfect fit to lead our Upper School Residential Life team. He will do an outstanding job working with and leading our 10th, 11th and 12th grade students and helping them to achieve their high potential.

It would seem that anyone who can train Marines will be able to deal well with 17-year-old boys. Follow the jump for the rest of the info.
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NFL Rookies At La Costa Resort

by The Editors on June 28, 2010

1970 Nfl LogoMost of the more attractive, single, motivated NFL fans already know this, but Carlsbadistan’s La Costa Resort & Spa is currently hosting the annual NFC Rookie Symposium where 252 new draft picks get a four-day intro into what it means to be a professional football player, according to the North County Times.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell kicked off the annual rookie symposium Sunday evening by talking to the league’s newest players about a range of topics, including taking responsibility and honoring the game. . . “I talked on personal conduct. I didn’t speak about anyone in particular in that case,” Goodell said. “But I did talk about what I call protecting the shield. My job is to protect the integrity of the NFL and to make sure the game is as safe as possible.”

Wonder how those evening parties are going?

[Link: North County Times]

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Cancer Cluster Results Today

by The Editors on June 28, 2010

The State of California will reportedly release “initial results” today (Monday June 28, 2010) of analysis on whether statistics show that there is an “unusually high” number of Cancer cases (or cancer cluster) in Carlsbad, according to a story on KPBS.com.

The state focused its analysis on all cancer cases in Carlsbad. But some in the community say the state’s review is not sufficiently targeted. Residents say there have been more than 400 cancer cases within a three-mile radius over the last decade.

Other residents are requesting that the dirt, air, and water be tested at Kelly School, according to a sorry in the North County Times because 18 people associated with the school have developed cancer.

[Link: KPBS and North County Times]

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Stick ‘Em Up, Carlsbadistan!

by The Editors on June 26, 2010


Carlsbadistan.com stickers are perfect for placing almost anywhere including, but not limited to: your computer, skateboard, bike, car, refrigerator, office cubicle, door, desk, binder, tool box, cat, scooter, surfboard, or locker.

Each sticker is three inches in diameter (there are three in the image above) and features our lovely Encina Power Station, the seawall along with a lifeguard tower. If you look closely, you’ll see a lifeguard Jeep in the Tamarack parking lot.

To get some FREE stickers just click here (Theeditors@carlsbadistan.com) and email us your mailing address and we’ll send you an envelope full of stickers (while supplies last).

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TGIF June 25: Ruby & The Red Hots

by The Editors on June 25, 2010

Rubypic-TmPerennial Carlsbadistan blues performer’s Ruby & The Red Hots kick off the 25th summer of TGIF Jazz In The Park opening show at Stagecoach Park on the Eastern Front tonight June 25, 2010 at 6 PM.

Ruby Presnell can be counted on to play Jazz in the Park every single summer it appears. “The First Class Sultry Lady of Blues,” has shared the stage with all the greats including Etta James, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, as well as the San Diego Symphony. And tonight, she’ll be sharing the lawn with all of us.

Remember: low-back chairs, bug spray, and plenty of wine and cheese to share with your neighbors are always a good idea at Jazz in the Park. We’ll see you there.

[Link: TGIF Jazz In The Park]

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