Legoland Too Expensive Everywhere

by The Editors on December 8, 2011

Legoland MyTurns out we’re not the only one’s who think Legoland prices are outrageously expensive. The Malaysian Tourists Guides Council says the entrance fees to Asia’s first ever Legoland Malaysia theme park in Johor Baru are, surprise, “Too high for locals,” according to a story on The Star.

He said Legoland Malaysia should have a two-tier ticket system to cater to both locals and foreigners. . . “Other places of interest, like the cable car ride in Langkawi or the Istana Muzium here, have implemented such a system,” he told The Star yesterday.

Yeah. What he said. It appears that when the park opens “at the end of 2012” Legoland Malaysia’s prices will be almost worth considering for a Carlsbadistan family of four. At current exchange rates adults will pay about $44 a day visit the park, while here in Carlsbad it costs $72.

[Link: The Star]

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