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by Sponsored Post on June 5, 2015

Only 11 miles away from Carlsbad, Dr. Jeffrey Allred’s dental office in San Marcos is a place where patients can have a wide range of dental issues treated in calm, relaxing atmosphere. Whether you’re given a major diagnosis, your new dental work doesn’t show signs of improvement, you’re given a treatment that you’re unsure of or you’re not confident that your current dentist gave you a good rapport, you can now reserve your 15 minutes of FREE dental consultation for a second opinion at Allred Dental in San Marcos.

“Our free consults are useful for people who are looking to get a clearer picture of the dental work they’re about to have, especially if the previous dentist provided the patient with a major diagnosis, such as oral cancer,” Dr. Allred says. “Even if they only need to ask a question or two, we’d be more than happy to provide an easy-to-understand answer. Multiple perspectives help patients make an informed decision about the dental treatment they need and will keep them on the road to a fast recovery. We welcome all families and residents from San Marcos, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Vista, Escondido and the surrounding areas!”

Dr. Allred uses a non-technical communication with his patients to ensure they fully understand the dental process and he has also developed special techniques in sedation dentistry for fearful patients. You can rest assured knowing that you’re given the very best in dental care thanks to Dr. Allred’s unique background and trainings in many programs with top dentists, both nationally and internationally! Because quality work and correct diagnosis start with the right equipment and tools, Dr. Allred’s office is stocked with state-of-the-art equipment.

For more information on why a second opinion is important and how to schedule one with Dr. Allred, please follow the jump.

Click Here to Book A 15 Minute Free Consults at Allred Dental for Second Dental Opinions

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Why getting a second dental opinion is important?
Getting a second dental opinion from another dentist is highly important when you’re given a major diagnosis and you’re facing a big decision. Getting more than one perspective and gathering as much information as you can makes the decision-making process less nerve-wrecking and can help you take good decisions down the road health-wise. People communicate differently and many dentists vary on their levels of skills and training, so before you have a seat in the dental chair, its best that you are informed about all possible options for your dental work.

Most people go to their dentist in good faith and with a cooperative attitude, but many know they would feel better if they could get a second dental opinion. Rest assured, this won’t “hurt” your dentist’s feelings and nobody is forcing you to seek dental care from a single dentist! It’s in your best interest; you will get all your questions answered and can now be confident you are taking the right decisions. Once you’ve found a dentist, questions for second opinions that you should consider asking are:

How many years of experience do you have?
Do you agree with what the previous dentist recommended me?
Will this procedure enhance my health?
What are the pros and cons of this procedure?
How long will the benefits of this procedure last?
How much will it cost and what payment methods do you accept?

Because dentists specialize in certain aspects of dental health or conditions, they can only provide limited information regarding a possible treatment that relates to you and that you would need to follow.

About Allred Dental
Allred Dental was founded in 2009 by Dr. Jeffrey Allred with the sole purpose of providing the best dental services possible for San Marcos residents and for those in the surrounding areas. Comfortable techniques, high-end materials, top-notch expertise and a patient-focused touch set Allred Dental apart from other dental offices in the area. For a totally different and better dental experience, set an appointment and see for yourself!

For more information and appointments, visit Allred Dental’s official website at

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