Carlsbadistan Going Huge In Homes

by The Editors on January 27, 2008

Fred BiggsWe’ve noticed that more and more people are building monster homes in Carlsbad. And some of them actually look well designed. But not everyone is happy about this according to a Barbara Henry story the North County Times.

In a two-year period, Carlsbad resident Fred Briggs has watched two houses — each bigger than 5,000 square feet — go up near his Basswood Drive home. . . . One is so tall and wide, he said, that it blocks the afternoon sun from his backyard even though it isn’t next door to him. . . . Now, three more “McMansions,” as Briggs refers to them, are proposed for land north of his 2,000-square-foot, Spanish-style home in Old Carlsbad — and he is clearly not happy about it.

Oddly, one Realtor said that big homes are for people who want to show off. He says people want them to “prove to others that they have been successful in life.” Really? Is that it? Maybe they just have big families? Or, lots of furniture. Yeah, Thane did you ever think of that?

[Link: North County Times]

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