Chalk Another One Up For Art Splash

by The Editors on September 21, 2008


We learned last year that if we wanted to see any of the Carlsbad Art Splash transitory chalk art in it’s completed form we’d have to visit on Sunday afternoon. This year we did, however, artists like Jennifer (pictured above) and many others were still hard at work on their pieces knowing full well that they art they were creating would be gone by sunrise.

Rotary“We have to get all this cleaned up by midnight tonight, because they’re driving on this in the morning,” said Mary Beth McFaul (pictured left) while she worked on the Rotary Club art piece.

Obviously, the dozens of artists working on the street enjoy the process over the permanence and that’s part of what makes Art Splash so much fun for the thousands of visitors who strolled up and down Armada Drive this weekend.

It wasn’t all spectating. In the Family Art Carnival (below) families were given a square and tools to make their own chalk paintings, make hats out of newspaper, or learn the ancient art of origami.

Family Art

For more photos and activities from Art Splash click the link below.

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Tawny and Stephanie, two event volunteers, who were out selling tickets to a drawing that would raise money for arts within the community.

Mad Hatters
The mad hatters from Mission Valley High School (Jesse, Mayra, and Bernice) hooking people up with hats made out of newspaper that were then decorated like crazy.

Gem Audrey
Diamonds at Tiffany’s? Is that the message from the GIA?

Chalk Zone
Not a bad way to spend a sunny afternoon in Carlsbad.

Clown Ballon
Beth Todd tying balloons up in knots for the kids.

First Aid
At the first aid station Andre and Patrick said there had been no art accidents so far.

Pin Up-1
Gustavo Lozano giving the legs a little touch up on the Premium Outlet Stores‘ square.

Poseidon Resources chose to feature a beautiful mermaid on their square. No irony there, huh?

Sand Sulptor
Sergey Abdurahmanov works on a sand sculpture salute to the Kumeyaay tribes of coastal people in a work called Spirit Rock by Gerry Kirk of Sand World International.

Sand People
Spirit Rock nearing completion.

Diane Gravlin showing some interested kids how a violin actually works.

Shelton Ken
Kenny Shelton showing that keeping your eye on the ball is just a cliche in the world of juggling.

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