Logan Jenkins Offers To Wash Cars

by The Editors on September 29, 2008

After attending the Rotary Club Forum at the Hilton Garden Inn on September 25, 2008, San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins has made a “2008 election pledge” with Carlsbad city council candidate Glenn R. Bernard.

If Bernard winds up winning one of the two seats, I’ll hand-wash his F-150 truck every Sunday afternoon for four years.

While the thought of Mr. Jenkins scrubbing his glasses into a fog on Bernard’s truck each Sunday afternoon is wildly compelling in it’s own right, it just isn’t enough for the wacky soccer golfer to get our votes this time around, sorry Glenn.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]

Glenn Bernard October 9, 2009 at 8:55 am

Carlsbadistan Blogger leaves out the best thing in the story, which is where I am properly quoted for proposing the idea that nobody should be able to get a Government job unless they can show that they have owned at least one US-made vehicle for at least two years…and the same for giving a promotion to any person already on Government payroll. Qualifying makers could include BMW, Mitsubishi, Ford,GM, Harley Davidson, Toyota, etc.

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