Property Tax Adjusters Gets Blogged

by The Editors on March 26, 2009

Proptextlet2.JpgOC Register real estate blogger Jeff Collins wrote up the Carlsbad-based company Property Tax Adjusters today and mentioned that their recent direct mail piece arrived with the words “2009 Orange County Property Tax Assessment Notice” could be a little misleading.

Crosby Teague of Property Tax Adjusters said “there’s a fine line” between making a mailer that commands attention and claiming you’re from the government. . . “We clearly say we’re not a government agency,” Teague said. “Making a letter look important enough to open and read is a far cry from claiming we’re from the government.”

Collins was also skeptical of the companies ability to represent clients in “13 Bay Area and Southern California Counties.” For the rest of the story follow the link.

[Link: OC Register]

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