You Walk Away Into A Lawsuit

by The Editors on April 9, 2009

YouwalkIndiana State Attorney General Greg Zoeller today announced that he has filed a lawsuit against the Carlsbadistan based forecloser consultants You Walk Away and four other companies claiming they broke state law, according to a story on

The state says the companies used deceptive practices. “We recognize there is a foreclosure crisis in the country,” Zoeller said in a news release. “Indiana has the tools in place that can help consumers avoid becoming victims of for-profit foreclosure consultants’ bad intentions.”

You Walk Away has not even received a complaint yet, according to CEO Jon Maddux. “We previously had an inquiry from them and complied with all their requests,” he said in an email to Carlsbadistan. “We believe that we are not violating any laws in Indiana.”


Edward May 21, 2010 at 7:13 pm

I have not seen or heard anything negative about You Walk Away except that some people think it is immoral. Does anyone have a testimonial that suggests that You Walk Away let them down?

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