Marie Callender’s Sewage Pie Shutdown

by The Editors on November 30, 2009

Carlsbad’s Wastewater Division today Carlsbadistan’s Marie Callender’s manager Juan Garcia to shut down the restaurant or the water would be turned off after a Thanksgiving Day diner smelled sewage in the kitchen, according to a story in the North County Times.

Problems for Marie Callender’s began when newly-minted Carlsbad resident Pete Dimiceli smelled sewage as he sat down to order his Thanksgiving feast at the restaurant on Thursday night. He’d moved to the area three months ago after moving from Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn. . . . “I got up —- y’know a New Yorker —- I got up and talked to this guy Michael, he said, ‘No, one of the bathrooms backed up,'” Dimiceli said. “I take three steps, look right into kitchen. As sure as God made apples, there was sewage on the floor.” . . Dimiceli said the spill ran approximately 15 feet in length and seemed to be about 3 inches deep. He said waitstaff had to slosh through the puddle in order to bring people their food. He got up and left, and promptly registered a complaint with the Department of Environmental Health.

Does this mean no more “sewer pies” for dessert this week?

[Link: North County Times]

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