Carlsbad: Multi-Level Marketing Heaven?

by The Editors on October 6, 2010

Citylights1 Tease T245In a story for the San Deigo Reader writer Don Bauder does a very thorough round-up of all the “network marketing” companies founded in Carlsbadistan in recent years. Names like Who’s Your Daddy, Gia Wellness, and Cal Nutrisciences, are all covered, but the story hinges mostly on Actis Global VenturesRoy Grimm and the slew of companies he has started, closed, and/or sold all based right here in Carlsbadistan.

Makes us wonder why Carlsbadistan is such a hot-bed of MLM? Is it the weather? The cheap office space? Or, do people love living her so much that they’ll do almost anything to get paid?

[Link: San Diego Reader]

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