Carlsbad Woman Suing The TSA

by The Editors on December 13, 2010

Carlsbad’s Adrienne Durso is reportedly suing the TSA after she received a much too vigorous pat down at Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Sunport Airport, according to a story on

“Heavily concentrating on my breast area where I told her I had a mastectomy the year previous and in just seemed to go on and on,” said Durso. . . She says she felt humiliated as the extensive pat-down happened in front of her 17 year old son and hundreds of other travelers. . . “I felt as though I didn’t have any rights other than I had to stand there and let them do what they want to do to my body,” Durso continued.

The last straw was when a supervisor reportedly told Durso’s son that the reason he hadn’t gotten a similar pat down was because “you don’t have boobs.” We’re kind of hoping the TSA loses this one. The craziness must stop.

Click the link for the rest of the story.


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