TK Arnold’s Ridiculous Lego Pool Proposal

by The Editors on September 30, 2009

LegopoolIn his latest column for the North County Times, TK Arnold suggests that since the City of Carlsbadistan appears to be “dragging its feet” when it comes to grading the 32-arce Alga Norte Park and Aquatic Center, that it might be a good idea to go the privatized route and ask Legoland to include a “competition sized pool” in their proposed 5.5 acre water park.

Wouldn’t it be grand if a spectacular competition-size pool was added to the mix? . . The Carlsbad City Council could put into action its long-professed affinity for government partnerships with the private sector, maybe even contracting with Legoland to operate the pool. Legoland could then play host to swim and water polo tournaments that draw thousands of visitors —- further justification for the hotel the park wants to build.

This may be one of the most ridiculous suggestions we’ve heard in a while. Aside from the fact that Legoland already has a large enough footprint in our city, do we really want our local swimming complex controlled by a New York City based private equity fund (Blackstone Group)? Do the children of Carlsbadistan need to be constantly bombarded with Lego advertising each and every time they go swimming? If you’re still wondering, the answer to both rhetorical questions is: No!

What the City of Carlsbadistan needs is a proper swimming pool (and skateboard park). The City has the money and several mandates from its citizens. The discussion does not need more ridiculous clutter. It needs clear and concise messaging. We can do it in four words: get those tractors rolling.

It really is that simple.

[Link: North County Times]

Shelly September 30, 2009 at 1:45 pm

Could not agree more!

Skeej October 8, 2009 at 2:54 pm

Give Tom a break – at least he is offering ideas.
I do agree with your summary tho – its past time to

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