New Carlsbad Restaurant Renamed 83º

by The Editors on March 7, 2013


Paon owner Mayur Pavagadh got in a little trouble with the craft brewing press while relaunching his Catch seafood restaurant as a “craft beer American food cocktails” restaurant at 660 Carlsbad Village Drive. A post from February 14, 2013 on beer website The Full Pint pointed out that the name, design, presentation and logo of Pavagadh’s new restaurant 38 Degrees looked oddly similar to a well established craft beer business in Alhambra, California called 38 Degrees. Here’s what they said:

Earlier this week, The Full Pint was tipped off by The Carlsbad Patch that a restaurant called Catch Carlsbad would be rebranding into 38º Carlsbad. Crazier than those string of words, was the fact that the publication Carlsbad Patch assumed that this was an expansion of Clay Harding’s craft beer bar, 38 Degrees Ale House and Grill in Alhambra, CA. . . After Carlsbad Patch was informed there was no affiliation between the two restaurants, we reached out to both Clay Harding of 38 Degrees and Mayur Pavagadhi, the gentleman turning his seafood restaurant into a craft beer restaurant called 38º Carlsbad. Mayur owns other restaurants in the area under the name Paon Carlsbad LLC.

Pavagadh was quoted as saying that he didn’t think there was a problem with the name of his restaurant.

”Craft beer is obviously a very popular market and decided this would be a great venture to get into. I sat down with my partners and did a search for 38 Degrees Carlsbad, and there were no registered marks for it. The term 38 Degrees is the temperature in which we are asked by the beer industry to keep our walk in keg cooler, we felt this was a great name to use.”

According to a second post on The Full Pint, 38 Degrees Ale House and Grill sent several cease and desist letters to Pavagadh’s lawyer with no response. Now, however, it appears that Pavagadh has swapped the numbers on his restaurant and renamed it 83 Degrees Carlsbad.

Those who know will remember that a similar last minute name change occurred at Pavagadh’s Paon restaurant just before it opened. That restaurant’s original name Per Se was already taken by a restauranteur named Thomas Keller. What was it they say about the best form of flattery?

[Link: The Full Pint]

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