Floridian Prefers Hurricanes To Fires

by The Editors on October 25, 2007

Zzzzz.02Lflevi T220.JpgFlorida-based writer Joyce Levi wrote a guest column for TCPalm.com, a Florida newspaper site, in which she recounts her recent visit to Carlsbad during Firestorm 2007.

Monday morning. I awakened to a rather large, strange-looking cloud over the ocean toward the south — deep brown to gray — and I thought, “Thunderstorms today.” I quickly learned that the cloud was smoke, and there was now a “serious” fire some 30 miles east of us in Ramona and Poway. . . . Some people have left the Grand Pacific Palisades where I’m hunkered down (familiar term). The resort has opened its doors to evacuees, along with their animals, even though this is a no-pet facility. Emergencies call for new rules. Elevators here are closed due to erratic power concerns.

It’s always funny to read what other people think about our community and our California brand of disasters. Florida has storms that march into the State, lay waste to every single thing that stands in it’s way, and then disappear back into the sky. Yet, after surviving her week in Carlsbad Joyce comes to this realization: “I don’t like fire. I much prefer Florida hurricanes.”

And you know what? So do we, because Florida is about as far inland as you can get.

[Link: TCPalm.com]

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