Carlsbad Marathon: The Day Before

by The Editors on January 19, 2008

Img 3540

Runners, friends, and families flocked to the Westfield Plaza Camino Real parking lot today to pick up numbers, t-shirts, gift bags, and load up on socks, energy bars, and self-massaging devices in the Carlsbad Marathon Health and Fitness Expo. We rolled by the big white tent to see what was going on the day before the stampede. Click the link for all the photos, and click the photos to see them at full size.

Img 3529
Every runner has a number. . .

Img 3532
Terra and Sky getting Naked samples out to the masses.

Img 3537
Seems half the reason people run these Marathons is for the free T-shirts.

Img 3538
Of course, this is the one everyone wants, but it only goes to the finishers.

Img 3531
You’d think people would already have some of these before they show up for the race. . . .

Img 3533
The last bit of shade these people are going to see for a while.

Img 3542
No doubt the most comfortable way to cruise the course tomorrow. The Lexus of Carsbad Official Pace Car of the 2008 Carlsbad Marathon.

Img 3541-2
No, it’s not DIA. It’s the pre-race health expo. . . Bedouin style.

Img 3545

These things are going to be so full of s*#& tomorrow, we don’t even want to think about it.

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