The 2008 Carlsbadistan Stampede

by The Editors on January 20, 2008

Crw 3283-1

This morning at 7:30 AM 10,000 ground pounders left the Westfield Plaza Camino Real and stormed the streets of Carlsbadistan in the Carlsbad Marathon. Runners representing all 50 states and 14 countries competed in the sold out event. Click the link for all the day’s photos (Double-click to see them in full size AND color).

Crw 3225-3
And they are off. . .

Crw 3231
Runners always look so energetic at the start.

Crw 3238
The thunder of pounding feet.

Crw 3255-2
We know why people say the Carlsbad Marathon is the most beautiful marathon in the world.

Crw 3260
Lynn, Charlene, and Emily cheering on the runners while promoting their favorite charity Friends of the Poor.

Crw 3264
TK, Rae, Dabo, Glenda, and Chuck doing it up Carlsbadistan style and cheering on the racers from their own front porch.

Crw 3266
Runners starting to settle in at the five mile mark.

Crw 3270
Go Chargers. Go Chargers. Twins. Twins.

Crw 3288
Wait, isn’t that you? Right there in the middle of the pack? We think it is.

Crw 3313
Talk to any marathon runner and they’ll tell you at a certain point it all becomes a blur.

Crw 3328
San Deigo Leukemia and Lymphoma’s John Correia directing runners to proper refreshments at Tamarack.

Crw 3340
Yes, I think I’ll have one thank you.

Crw 3343
Grabbing a drink on the run.

Crw 3329
The “harder than the rest” sounds of Stone Senses playing in the middle of Tamarack.

Crw 3348
La Costa Canyon High’s Stephanie, Aimee, Kendall, Natalie, Gia, and Krista volunteering at Juniper Street.

Crw 3349

An older men went down just south of Cherry Street. He apparently hit his head and was bleeding. He was, however, completely conscious and knew exactly where he was: on the pavement of Carlsbadistan.

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