PowerMetal Gets DuPont Dollars

by The Editors on September 12, 2008


Carlsbadistan’s favorite nanocrystalline structured alloy company PowerMetal Technologies, Inc. has just announced a “long-term strategic alliance and an equity investment from DuPont Engineering Polymers, according to a story on Nanowerk.com.

The investment by DuPont Engineering Polymers is an exciting step in our company’s evolution,” said Edward Hughes, President and CEO of PowerMetal. “DuPont Engineering Polymers has built a long-standing and well-deserved reputation as a leading provider of innovative engineering polymer solutions that have impacted nearly every aspect of our society. We think this will be a very successful alliance.”

When if comes to materials, DuPont proabably isn’t the worst partner a company can have. One word, my boy: nanocrystalline structured alloy.

[Link: Nanowerk.com]

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