The Aliens Have Crash Landed. . . Again

by The Editors on October 30, 2008

102908-AlienCarlsbadistan Halloween fan Wayde Gilliam is setting up his UFO crash landing site for the second year in a row at 7972 Grado El Tupelo, according to a story on NBC San Diego.

Visitors from as far as Los Angeles came to see the spectacle. Last year the UFO sighting drew more than 1,000 visitors and this year Gilliam is expecting many more. . . . The idea was thought up by Gilliam and his friend, Andy Konopacki, after a number of years of attempting to provide a different, more effects-oriented experience for Halloween. . . . The UFO project takes about a week to design the spacecraft and then another couple weeks to construct it. Gillian and Konopacki also use a number of lighting, fog and audio special effects to enhance the experience.

Wayde’s neighbors must be very happy.

[Link: NBC San Diego]

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