Carlsbadistan Poll Results #5

by The Editors on October 30, 2008

Poll 5We had a little running battle with Marc Farrar, the vice president of public affairs for TWC’s San Diego Division about what we called “sucky service” from the cable giant. He then posted a request that we remove a Time Warner Cable logo that we altered as a parody. We didn’t remove it.

To make sure that our complaints weren’t just personal, we decided to ask our readers to complete the following sentence: Time Warner Cable is. . . and below is how you answered:

  1. . . .Terrible, but it’s my only choice (46%)
  2. . . . So bad I switched to Dish/Direct TV/AT&T (31%)
  3. . . . All good. I couldn’t be happier (15%)
  4. . . . Fine as long as you don’t need On Demand (8%)

Evidently, the majority of the people (77 percent) seriously dislike the service they get from Time Warner Cable. And we agree. That’s why we cancelled our service months ago.

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Paul O'Connor October 30, 2008 at 5:07 pm

You forgot, “inferior to two tin cans and a piece of string.” I would have voted for that one.

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