Whitlock’s True Surfer Confessions

by The Editors on March 27, 2009

Img 0008-384X512.JpgCarlsbadistan pro surfer Ricky Whitlock is featured in the new issue of Surfing Magazine in a story titled, Players: Confessions from five of surfing’s most notorious bachelors. But it doesn’t look like everyone in the surf world thinks it’s cool. Especially the blog Postsurf.com. Here’s what we mean:

But my favorite story came from young Ricky Whitlock, a Carlsbad D-list pro surfer who you’ve probably never heard of. . . . Ricky recounts one of his greatest exploits for Surfing: “I got this call at 11pm on a weekday night. It was a bunch of girls on the phone and they’re like ‘We’re drinking and hanging out and we want you to come over.’ I thought it was a setup, but since they weren’t far from where I was, I went anyway.” . . . Ricky goes on to describe how three girls answer the door, throw him on the couch, and start kissing him. But instead of going along with it, Ricky tells them “I need to at least have a drink to slow my heart down.” . . . Likely translation: “I’m being suffocated by three homely hippos with mustaches and unibrows. I need to be absolutely shit-faced to follow through with this.”

Ouch. Click the link for the rest of the story.

[Link: Postsurf.com]

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