Curbing Water Waste: The Demand-side Solution

by The Editors on July 24, 2009

Spigot Cv 20090723165715A new report by the Oakland, California-based Pacific institutes claims the best solution to California’s water problem is to simply curb waste in the Central Valley, according to a post on the Wall Street Journal’s Environmental Capital blog.

What’s interesting about the analysis is just how much the authors think a combination of irrigation technologies and management practices can save: 5.6 million acre-feet in an average year. That’s 17% of all water used by California farmers, and more than twice the total the state’s millions of city-dwellers could save if they wised up about their water use. It’s also a whole lot more than the enormous desalination plant in Carlsbad, Calif. will produce when it comes online.

See what they’re getting at here?

[Link: Environmental Capital]

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