Batiquitos Lagoon Restoration Success

by The Editors on August 24, 2009

Uti1422918 T350-1According to a Michael Burge story in the San Diego Union-Tribune a 517-page report released last week on the call the rehabilitation efforts at Carlsbadistan’s Batiquitos Lagoon “a milestone project in environmental restoration.”

“Overall, the enhancement of Batiquitos Lagoon should be viewed as a huge success,” says the report by Merkel & Associates, a biological consulting firm in San Diego. . . “I think it’s been an incredible success,” said Ralph Appy, the director of environmental management for the Port of Los Angeles, which put up $57 million to restore the lagoon and maintain it as a swap for environmental damage at the port in San Pedro.

We can’t disagree. The trail along the Northern edge of the lagoon is one of our favorite places to escape hustle of Carlsbadistan and dive into the wilderness. And to think, we owe it all to an ecological disaster in San Pedro. If destroying LA means more habitat restoration for Carslbadistan, we’re all for it. . .

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]

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