Wolf Design Build Rethinks The Powerplant

by The Editors on January 26, 2010


Wolfram Kalber has big ideas for Carlsbadistan. And he’s not one who simply dreams things up and lets them sit. Through his company Wolf Design Build he has designed and built homes in many different styles, but they all feature a creative groove that makes them quite unlike anything that’s been done before.

Kalber’s most recent work in Carlsbadistan is the $17 million Kiko Beach House on Ocean St. which we last featured in our 12 Days of Carlsbadistan Christmas. Now, Kalber and David Evans have some ideas for the Encina Power Station property. It’s called The Peoples Sunset Terrace Pavillion & Amphitheater. The structure which houses a Carlsbad Cultural Center and Recreation Center, looks somewhat like Denver’s DIA airport.

Kalber says he is meeting with the Mayor to discuss this and another design for the triangle lawn at Offshore, but we’re guessing this will fly well over Mayor Lewis’ head. Everything else aside, it’s good to know someone is thinking way, way outside the box when it comes to Carlsbadistan’s future.

[Link: Wolf Design Build]
Peoples Park
The side view. . .

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Alfredo January 26, 2010 at 11:42 pm

Hey look it’s the NEW Legoland waterpark !!! come on Carlsbad !!! this is a great way to generate more revenue for the city.
If the city turns the power plant into a 3 ring circus it will be a shame. They already are planning the PONTO uprising.
LEAVE the PALISADES alone !!!
Geez, it seems as if the aquaculture has taken over the whole lagoon. why not lease them lagoon space on the other side of I -5. who cares about the recreational aspect ( boats etc) and the eyesore. It’s $$$$$$$. (oh, wait ..that appeals to visitors)
This( wolf design ) is the biggest eyesore humans could ever conceive.
Please don’t forget the connecting monorail to the other revenue locations in carlsbad=factory outlets, car country,Legoland, ECR mall, and offer rides on it during all the marathons & triathlons and don’t forget the STREET faire twice a year.
We need a mascot !!!! ( Carl the crab? )

– ” I remember a long time ago when Anaheim use to look like this…….”

oh….JOY !!!!!!

I vote for buring (underground) the power lines/poles !!!

lets beautify carlsbad- not turn it into a tourist oriented destination more than it already is.

Ben January 27, 2010 at 9:48 am
bob January 27, 2010 at 7:14 pm

that is one of the best CARLSBADISTAN posts I have seen.
Thanks Ben !!!!!!

Steve February 13, 2010 at 7:08 am

OMG! Is that one of the uglier POSes that anyone has ever tried to pass off as art!? As hideous as “The Bars” were, I’d take them over this proposal anytime. Which means that the Powers That Be in Carlsbadistan will rush to approve, and damn the costs or whether people like the design or not.

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