Bridget Regan: Carlsbad’s Own Legend Seeker

by The Editors on November 16, 2009

Bridget Regan 0004Carlsbadistan’s Bridget Regan began acting as a child in North County productions of The Wizard of Oz at the La Paloma Theatre and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but now the actress (whose parents still live in Carlsbad) is playing “dagger-wielding, mind-controlling heroine from another TV demention,” according to a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Inspired by the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind, “Legend of the Seeker” follows the adventures of the brave and noble Richard Cypher (Craig Horner) as he battles the loathsome tyrant, Darken Rahl. Regan plays his comrade and love interest Kahlan Amnell, a brave and strong-willed sorceress (also known as a Confessor) who can control the minds of anyone who loves her. Kahlan is also quick with a dagger. Regan? Not so much.

Legend of the Seeker airs Sundays at 5 PM on KSWB Channel 69 (Cable 5). Luckily it’s also on Hulu.com for those smart enough to have ditched their cable boxes years ago.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]

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Martha Stewart At Costco On Sunday

by The Editors on October 17, 2009

Martha SUltimate homemaker and convicted liar Martha Stewart will make an appearance at the Carlsbadistan Costco tomorrow Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 3 PM to promote and sign her newest book, Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home: 52 Quick Meals to Cook for Family & Friends.

Two hundred recipes perfect for dinner when you have a little time—but not all day—to cook. For meals that are meant for sharing with friends and family but created with busy cooks in mind, Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home is a new classic that cooks of all levels will depend on.

As if the lines at Costco aren’t long enough on a Sunday afternoon already.

[Link: Costco]

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Tony Hawk Meets Evan Williams

by The Editors on May 27, 2009


According to a recent tweet, Carlsbadistan resident Tony Hawk was meeting with some T-Mobile people at The Wall Street Journal’s D7 | All Things Digital conference when he ran into Twitter co-founder Evan Williams (@ev).

had a mtg with T-Mobile this morning and look who I ran into: @ev – the guy behind the guy behind the Twitter

Tony is well on his way to being Evan’s next million follower man. . . between them they have 1.5 million followers.

[Link: @tonyhawk]

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Paula Abdul’s La Costa Detox?

by The Editors on May 11, 2009

293.Abdul.Paula.Ladieshomejournal.Lc.050509.JpgPaula Abdul is now claiming that even though she was quoted in Ladies Home Journal saying that she spent last Thanksgiving at the La Costa Resort and Spa kicking her drug habit she was in Carlsbad to hike, bike, do yoga, and hit the spa and not, we repeat, not to kick her habit, according to a story in the E Online.

“It was very stressful for me to hear that and to be quoted saying something I never said,” Paula said on WKQI’s Mojo in the Morning radio show today. “I’ve never checked into a rehab clinic. I’ve never been addicted or abused drugs, and I’ve never been addicted or abused alcohol. I’ve never even been drunk in my life.”

Hey, Paula can visit Carlsbad any time she wants, but if she’s never abused drugs how does she explain this.

[Link: LA Times and E Online]

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Steve Carrell Gets Tall At Legoland

by The Editors on April 8, 2009

400 Scarell 040809 Shuffaker Legoland.JpgWhile we were out chasing runners around Carlsbadistan at the Carlsbad 5000, The Office’s Steve Carell, his wife Nancy along with their daughter Annie and son Johnny spent the day at Legoland, according to a story on Entertainment Tonight.

. . .they enjoyed attractions such as Land of Adventure, Miniland USA, Knights’ Tournament and Dino Island.
Nancy even ran into an old high school friend at the park, proving that Miniland USA at Legoland really is a small world!

Apparently, Hollywood stars get to go tromping through Miniland like Godzilla. Next time we’re there we’re just going to go for it. You should, too.

[Link: Entertainment Tonight]

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Latino Water Coalition Endorses Carlsbad Desal

by The Editors on February 26, 2009

410Px-Paul Rodriguez Uso.JpgApparently, Latino’s need water, too, and they want it to come from a desalination plant on Carlsbadistan’s Agua Hedionda Lagoon, according to a press release issued today by Poseidon Resources.

On December 23, fourteen members of the CLWC joined Poseidon for an informational briefing and tour of the desalination pilot plant in Carlsbad. . . . “Water is a critical and defining issue for all Californians. Poseidon Resources’ desalination plant is one of the life support systems that California is going to need in order for us to meet the needs of the future,” said Paul Rodriguez. “Our state is going to need these plants and I’m proud to announce that the California Latino Water Coalition has endorsed the Carlsbad Desalination Project.”

Leave it to a comedian from LA to tell us what’s best for our lagoon. How funny is that?

[Link: Digital50.com]

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Shaun White Wins X Games

by The Editors on January 26, 2009

We’re guessing this is news to no one with cable TV, but we’re going to link it up just for history sake: Carlsbadistan’s flying tomato resident Shaun White won all the snowboard events at the 13th Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado this weekend. By doing that he now has the most gold medals in X Games history and became the first snowboarder to win back-to-back halfpipe gold.

Congrats, Shaun. Slopestyle vidoe after the jump.

[Link: ESPN]
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X Games Star In Carlsbad Magazine

by The Editors on January 24, 2009


She may not have won the X Games halfpipe last night thanks to a bit of trouble with a frontside 900 spin and being “down for a minute and motionless” according to TransWorld Snowboarding magazine, but Gretchen Bleiler is still a Carlsbadistan resident and we’re proud of her.

If you saw her zipping through Carlsbad Village on her scooter, with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind, you might mistake Gretchen Bleiler for just an average Carlsbad girl on her way to check the surf.

But according to the profile in Carlsbad Magazine she is much more than that. Check it out.

[Link: Carlsbad Magazine]

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The Bachelor Gets The Lego Treatment

by The Editors on January 15, 2009

Img300 BachelorLegoland California will be the star player in an upcoming episode of the shockingly demented and wrong ABC Television show The Bachelor as single dad Jason Mesnick brings one of his fluzzies (and her daughter) to Carlsbadistan for a day at the park.

This is the first time the family theme park in Carlsbad opened its gates privately to allow Mesnick, Stephanie and her daughter, Sophia, to enjoy the more than 50 rides, shows and attractions featured at LEGOLAND California. . . They were also treated to a secluded picnic in Pirate Shores and a special birthday party for Sophia in Miniland U.S.A., the heart of LEGOLAND California where nine cities are replicated out of more than 22 million LEGO® bricks.

Private day at Legoland? So maybe they didn’t close the park down to rebuild the aquarium after all? The show airs Monday January 19, 2009 on ABC TV. If you don’t mind polluting your brain, tune in. For the rest of the details, follow the jump.
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Carlsbad Woman On The Bachelor

by The Editors on December 18, 2008

01A new season of the ABC reality horror show The Bachelor returns to television on January 5, 2009 and a 24-year-old Carlsbadistan flight attendant named Naomi will be one of the women trying to win the heart of the shows new lonely guy (and former Bachelorette contestant) Jason Mesnick.

Naomi, who now lives in Austin, Texas is one of 20 girls who hopes to further her career by . . . well, ah, being on the show.

[Link: BuddyTV]

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