TK Arnold On Mac McSherry

by The Editors on July 23, 2010

In his North County Times column this week TK Arnold remembers his friend and Carlsbad City Treasurer Harold “Mac” McSherry.

Maybe an hour after police found his father’s body in his State Street office, Travis McSherry, the eldest son of Carlsbad City Treasurer Harold “Mac” McSherry, posted this on his dad’s Facebook page: “I’m angry and confused. I don’t know why you felt that was your only way out. But you were loved and you will be missed. RIP. I love you, dad.” That pretty well sums up the feelings of most of us who knew McSherry, who took his own life after facing increasing pain from a brain tumor. . . We’re angry, because Mac was such as integral part of our lives, and he had no right to rip himself away from us.

He will certainly be missed. For the rest of Arnold’s thoughts please click the link.

[Link: North County Times]

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