ViaSat Signs $477 Million Army Deal

by The Editors on July 23, 2010

Viasat LogoViaSat, the Carlsbadistan based, manufacturer of all kinds of super stealth communication apparatus just signed a deal with the US Army to provide $477 million worth of troop tracking tech, according to a story in the San Diego Business Journal.

A July 21 company statement said the contract, which is for indefinite delivery and quantity, involves technology called blue force tracking, which allows the armed forces to view regularly updated troop positions on screens in vehicles and aircraft, to differentiate between friendly and enemy forces. . . ViaSat also received the first order for $37.7 million, to fund deliveries of the initial production terminals and other ground networking equipment, the statement said.

Guess we’d offer up the “indefinite delivery and quantity” of pretty much anything for $477 million.

[Link: San Diego Business Journal]

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