Carlsbadistan’s New Gold Coast

by The Editors on August 17, 2007


It’s not called the “land of Gold” for nothing. Terramar’s oceanfront street Tierra Del Oro is experiencing a large construction build out. In fact, of the streets 12 beach-front houses, two have been torn down (one has been rebuilt), another is scheduled for demolition, and a lot that has been empty for years is finally getting built out.

On the north is the Campbell Residence. They have demolished the existing single-family residence and are under construction with a 3,045 square foot two-story single family home with a 1,852 square foot basement and a 528 square foot two car garage designed by Brian Sipe and Architect Damian Baumhover.

Two houses south from the Campbells, the Riley’s are building a 6,215 square foot two-story single-family home with a basement on a lot that has been empty for years, if not forever. And next door to the Rileys is a project for the Moss Residence where the existing 2,100 square foot single family home is being demoed so a 6,455 square foot single-family residence with a basement can be built.

The home in the last lot may well be one of the most beautiful oceanfront homes in Carlsbad. We tried to get our architecture critic Eero Lloyd Neutra to tour the home, however, we were told that owners weren’t interested in media exposure, with the possible exception of Architectural Digest. And we’re not there yet, so we don’t blame them at all.

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Eames Kahn Noguchi-Gehry August 17, 2007 at 3:51 pm

The new home on the South end of Tierra Del Oro is indeed beautiful. I have been inside it many times and can tell you they did a fantastic job of designing, building and finishing this home. No details were overlooked. It is truly an amazing home. I wish there were a few more like this and a lot less Tuscan McMansion eyesores (like the other new homes mentioned on this street) on our coastline.

BduB August 17, 2007 at 4:30 pm

…or even better. eliminate all the “supersized” mansions and bring back the local shacks of the 60s!

When was the last time you parked your truck on the beach and had a bonfire? Let me guess Noguchi, you never have. I’m sure your many visits to the beautiful South-end Tierra Del Oro mansion makes up for it…

Eames Kahn Noguchi-Gehry August 18, 2007 at 3:37 pm

A) I don’t have a truck

B) I live at the beach so I don’t need to drive to it and i certainly don’t drag pallets down to burn. But, yes I have enjoyed many apres surf sessions bonfire/B-B-Q’s at San-O

C & most importantly) This is a commentary on architecture, clearly you have mistaken it for the bitter-surf-hippie-I-can’t-stand-change-keep-Leucadia-funky forum

BduB August 18, 2007 at 7:06 pm

I should of known…snugged away in your 4 car garage is parked a SUV, a convertible and a fully dressed Harley for those weekend rides down the Blvd.

To assume you had a modest pickup truck was an obvious mistake. Your monstrous mansion would be utterly embarrassed if seen with anything less parked out front. Gross, imagine what your neighbors would think!!!

Obviously you live at the beach in your pretty house where you spend more time in your air-conditioned safe-haven than down in the sand. Sand is so annoying anyways and surfing, it was just another one of your attempts to battle the dreaded mid-life crisis, but you realized you look so much cooler on your hog than flailing in the ocean.

Just because you helped your kid erect a Lego castle doesn’t mean you have any expertise in architecture. This is when you decide to respond with a disgruntled comment highlighting your extensive resume.

Bitter may be an acceptable, but a more appropriate adjective would be disgusted. Like your view on the Tuscan McMansions, this is my opinion.

If YOU dont like it, feel free to voice it under the:


If I feel like burning a fat joint and talking about saving the world, I’ll join your so wittingly described forum. Until then, I will continue to voice my opinion on this city and the direction I’d like to see it go…that would be change!!!

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