North Village Goes Up With Seagrove

by The Editors on October 27, 2015

SeagroveJust the other day we noticed the modern townhomes that seemed to have sprouted up overnight at the North end of State Street in the village of Carlsbad and they look really nice. The 47-unit development, called Seagrove, is the most recent work of national homebuilding giant Taylor Morrison.

Seagrove offers the unique opportunity for townhome living in the center of it all, where options for entertainment in Carlsbad are bountiful including boutique shopping, local restaurants and the sea just a short walk away. . . “Imagine being able to step out of your front door and experience all the spectacular qualities that make San Diego one of the most desirable cities to call home,” said Phil Bodem, president of Taylor Morrison’s Southern California division. “An excellent location and luxury design is what makes Seagrove a standout community.”

They’re a bit of a jaunt to the beach (thanks to the railroad tracks Army & Navy Academy), but for high style living in the Village ($960K and up), they’re pretty smooth. For the official word from Taylor Morrison, please follow the jump.

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Carlsbad Gets Its Arch Back

by The Editors on December 30, 2014

Last night (December 29, 2014) the official welcome gate to the Village of Carlsbad went back up in front of the Twin Inns, Neiman’s, Ocean House, whatever is in there now at the corner of Elm St. Carlsbad Village Drive and Carlsbad Blvd. We are so glad there are no dolphins on the sign. Looks great just the way it is. For the official word from the City of Carlsbad, please follow the jump.
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Wolf Design Build Rethinks The Powerplant

by The Editors on January 26, 2010


Wolfram Kalber has big ideas for Carlsbadistan. And he’s not one who simply dreams things up and lets them sit. Through his company Wolf Design Build he has designed and built homes in many different styles, but they all feature a creative groove that makes them quite unlike anything that’s been done before.

Kalber’s most recent work in Carlsbadistan is the $17 million Kiko Beach House on Ocean St. which we last featured in our 12 Days of Carlsbadistan Christmas. Now, Kalber and David Evans have some ideas for the Encina Power Station property. It’s called The Peoples Sunset Terrace Pavillion & Amphitheater. The structure which houses a Carlsbad Cultural Center and Recreation Center, looks somewhat like Denver’s DIA airport.

Kalber says he is meeting with the Mayor to discuss this and another design for the triangle lawn at Offshore, but we’re guessing this will fly well over Mayor Lewis’ head. Everything else aside, it’s good to know someone is thinking way, way outside the box when it comes to Carlsbadistan’s future.

[Link: Wolf Design Build]
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Teak CandleMaku is the Carlsbadistan-based designer and manufacturer of “sustainable furnishings for a modern world.” Their high-end indoor and outdoor furniture is featured in some of the most spectacular resorts and homes around the world. And while their furniture would be a welcome Christmas gift for any home-owner, we picked something that everyone can both afford and enjoy: a 16-inch long Carved Teak Candle Holder made of 100% repurposed teak from the Maku Ecoshop.

The ultimate accessory to your organic living space: Dinner by candlelight, aromatherapy indoor or out.
A handsome accent to any environment with the natural elegance of the Maku candle block. Made from Indonesian architecture of yesteryear, the Maku candle block features Frangipani carving.

And who knows, after a few candlelight dinners the one you love may be ready to drop-in on an entire set of Maku furniture for the back patio next Christmas.

Maku Ecoshop, Online from Carlsbad.

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Floating Airport For Carlsbadistan?

by The Editors on October 26, 2009

500X Floaty2

Adam Englund has a idea that solves most of San Diego’s airport problems: a 200 million square foot floating airport.

The structure Englund and his 40-strong group of collaborators–”pilots, naval architects, maritime engineers” as well as the standard array of finance types–are proposing is called OceansWorks Offshore Airport. The airport would be located mostly on the roof of the structure though. Below it would be four stories of open real estate open to almost limitless uses. “Hotels, restaurants, conference centers, free trade zones, distribution facilities, research facilities, universities…” Englund says, pauses for a moment, and then ticks off some more possibilities. “Even after all the space required for internal infrastructure, that leaves 200 million square feet. That’s more office space than currently exists in all of San Diego county.”

It would only cost $20 Billion and if they locked it down about 13 miles offshore at Terramar we’d be way, way into it.

[Link: OceansWorks Offshore Airport via Gizmodo via Infrastructurist]

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Blue Motif Applies To Build On Garfield

by The Editors on August 29, 2008

Bluemotif Plan

We’re not the biggest fans of the yellow City of Carlsbad “Notice of Project Application” signs. We don’t hate them as much as the carlsGOOD? artists, but let’s just say we often like things left they way they are. That’s why we were a little bummed to see a new sign up on the east side of Garfield St. just north of Juniper Ave.

The proposed SDP/CD” is for “the demolition of a single-family residence and to develop the site with 3 apartment units with underground garage and associated landscaping. Project Applicant: Blue Motif Architecture.

Bluemotif ApIt wasn’t until we checked out Blue Motif Architecture that we began to breathe a little easier. The company has designed and developed some quality, modern, ecologically sensitive, and architecturally significant buildings in San Diego recently. The Sombrilla Condominiums in Oceanside (if only they were in a better neighborhood) and several San Diego Organic To Go locations are just a few of them. The 3-unit condo complex shown above is slated for future construction in Oceanside, but it shows the kind of buildings they specialize in.

Blue Motif’s motto is: “We believe that every project presents a new opportunity to create space to be remembered.” And that makes us feel much better about what they’re planning to build in Carlsbadistan. We just hope they’re not dissuaded by all the modern beach projects that sit unsold and empty.

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Tijuana Tuscany In The Village

by Eero Lloyd Neutra on March 13, 2008


The new building on State street was under construction a little too early to “benefit” from the City of Carlsbad’s “revised master plan,” so I really don’t know who is to blame for this Village eyesore. When the foundations were being laid I was excited to see what the new face of Carlsbad Village building design would look like. Now that it is completed, I see that the new face of Carlsbad Village is: Tijuana Tuscany. (Sadly, after researching the Tijuana pharmacies this new building reminded me of I discovered that most of them have a more pleasing aesthetic).

So, what is wrong with this structure? Well, from a retail perspective the windows are much too small, not to mention that they look like they were purchased at a Home Depot remnant sale. This probably has more to do with they way they are positioned on the front of the building. There appears to be no consistency or balance to the placement of the windows. And then, of course, there is the burnt salmon color.

While it is nice to see new buildings in the Village, it’s disappointing when they look like this.

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JN+A Opens Carlsbad Office

by The Editors on February 4, 2008


From the PR Newswire:

Jonathan Nehmer + Associates (JN+A), one of the world’s leading hospitality architecture, design and project management firms, today announced that it has opened a West Coast office to better serve western and northwestern projects, as well as a growing number of clients in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim, most notably China and India. The new office, located in Carlsbad, Calif., will be led by David Winkler, Vice President.

Welcome to Carlbadistan, Mr. Winkler.

[Link: PR Newswire]

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Bluwater Crossing Breaks Ground

by The Editors on September 28, 2007


In its past Carlsbadistan has rarely seen developments that were designed for anything more than maximum density (and profit) for the builder. Finally, with a project called Bluwater Crossing, the idea of urban designed live/work loft space close to the beach and public transportation is being realized in the empty land near the Poinsettia Coaster Station. We haven’t seen the complete designs, however, in concept we believe this is exactly what Carlsbadistan could use much more of.

Bluwater will feature 13 buildings with 78 distinctive residential units, 21,700 square feet of commercial/retail space; a 3,600-square-foot day-care center; 151 stalls in a subterranean garage for residents and day-care employees; and 107 parking stalls for retail customers and guests. . . Its exclusive live-work units are perfect for small businesses and professionals who want to eliminate commutes by working from home.

According to the North County Times, Trammell Crow Residential of Costa Mesa broke ground on Thursday, September 27, 2007 and hope to have the complex finished in “early 2009.” For information on buying into Bluwater Crossing click here.

[Link: Bluwater Crossing via North County Times]

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Carlsbadistan’s New Gold Coast

by The Editors on August 17, 2007


It’s not called the “land of Gold” for nothing. Terramar’s oceanfront street Tierra Del Oro is experiencing a large construction build out. In fact, of the streets 12 beach-front houses, two have been torn down (one has been rebuilt), another is scheduled for demolition, and a lot that has been empty for years is finally getting built out.

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