The Alga Norte Skatepark In Good Hands

by The Editors on May 6, 2013

Kanten Russell R620X349-1

Carlsbad’s last public skateboard park had some issues from the very beginning. While fun to roll, it never has had much flow and some of the sections were just plain wrong. Thankfully, that won’t be the case with the new Alga Norte Skatepark thanks to the involvement of former pro skateboarder Kanten Russell, according to a story in the U-T San Deigo.

Earlier this week, Russell walked the construction site at one of his projects, a 25,000 square-foot facility being built as part of Alga Norte Community Park in Carlsbad. It’s scheduled to open in September, he said. . . Carlsbad is where the first modern skatepark went up in 1976 — it no longer exists — and Russell sees the new one as paying homage to that history while making its own mark as a “crown jewel.” . . “I’ve done public meetings all across the country to talk about various projects, and every time I show anybody a picture of this park they say, ‘Where is this again and when will it open?’ They will definitely be flying in for this.”

We can’t wait. . .

[Link: U-T San Diego]

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