December 2011

Doug Manchester’s Media Mocking

by The Editors on December 8, 2011

Doug ManchesterThe San Deigo Union-Tribune’s new owner Papa Doug Manchester is getting clowned all the way out in New York City according to this post on In their story New Slogan Proves San Diego Paper Is Owned By Nut they said:

Why would a successful businessman pay so much money for a media property that its previous owners couldn’t wait to unload? Well, a couple reasons. First, the paper is reportedly profitable at the moment, and Doug Manchester, like many first-time newspaper owners before him, probably thinks that he is smart enough to not only stay profitable, but increase profits, for long period of time. (He is wrong.) And second, because Doug Manchester is a “conservative and anti-tax” nut who plans to use the paper to push a “pro-business” (meaning pro-Doug Manchster’s financial interests!) agenda.

Yep. Sounds about right.

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Legoland Too Expensive Everywhere

by The Editors on December 8, 2011

Legoland MyTurns out we’re not the only one’s who think Legoland prices are outrageously expensive. The Malaysian Tourists Guides Council says the entrance fees to Asia’s first ever Legoland Malaysia theme park in Johor Baru are, surprise, “Too high for locals,” according to a story on The Star.

He said Legoland Malaysia should have a two-tier ticket system to cater to both locals and foreigners. . . “Other places of interest, like the cable car ride in Langkawi or the Istana Muzium here, have implemented such a system,” he told The Star yesterday.

Yeah. What he said. It appears that when the park opens “at the end of 2012” Legoland Malaysia’s prices will be almost worth considering for a Carlsbadistan family of four. At current exchange rates adults will pay about $44 a day visit the park, while here in Carlsbad it costs $72.

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Carlsbad’s 27th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

by The Editors on December 5, 2011

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On Sunday afternoon (December 4, 2011) from 2 to 4 PM Carlsbadistan celebrated the 27th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the Village Faire Mall at the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and Carlsbad Blvd.

Carlsbad Rotarians handed out cookies, Santa got kids Christmas wishes and the crowd of nearly 300 enjoyed songs from Carlsbad High School’s Christmas Caroling Choir, dancing from Carlsbad High School’s Xcalibur dancers and performance from the local youth theater. It was the perfect way to kick off another holiday season in Carlsbadistan.

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Pizza Port Kicks Off 15th Strong Ale Festival

by The Editors on December 2, 2011


Beer lovers of Carlsbadistan, at 4 PM today (December 2, 2011) the doors of Pizza Port Carlsbad open for the 15th San Diego Strong Ale Festival. From 4 until 11 PM strong ale fans can taste, sample, and drink more than 80 different beers (all with more than 8% alcohol). Tickets are $30 at the door and include a festival tasting glass and eight taster tickers (this could get ugly). The festival runs Friday 4 PM to 11 PM and Saturday 11 AM to 11 PM.

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Fish & Game Building Fences In Carlsbad

by The Editors on December 1, 2011

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At first glance it would appear that the California Department of Fish & Game would like people to stop using all the trails in the Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Preserve just south of the Lake Calavera Trails system.

In the past month fences have gone up all over the once beautiful hiking terrain making it nearly impossible to get anywhere without tromping through the bushes. Oddly, few of the fences connect to anything nor block any areas off. Most (like this one) simply stretch across a trail and extend a few yards into the foliage on either side making a dangerous situation for mountain bikers who are used to riding these trails unchecked.

The fences are part of a plan by California Fish & Game to protect the coastal sage scrub, which is prime habitat for the threatened California Gnatcatcher and to generally protect the area from getting destroyed. The project is being financed by a grant from the San Diego Association of Governments, according to California Fish & Game Biologist Warren Wong.

Wong says there is a logic to the way the fences have been scattered through the preserve. “We’ve tried to situate them in a way that they tie in with the vegetation,” Wong said. “If we wanted to close an area we would have to fence off the entire area with very sturdy poles. That’s not financially possible. The costs would be astronomical.”

The reason there is a problem with the trails seems to be more an issue of communication. The webpage dedicated to the Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Preserve is little help. It features nothing more than a map that shows where the preserve is located, a phone number, and some icons suggesting hiking and birdwatching are allowed. We’ve never seen any signs or announcements on site explaining who is allowed to use the trails and/or which trails are officially open. But, apparently, that’s not because they haven’t been posted. “Any signs that we put up in that the area pretty quickly get ripped down,” Wong said.

The good news is that the fences may not have to be permanent. “As long as they do their job, then we can take them down,” he says.

As for the mountain biking, it’s never been allowed in the area anyway. But Wong says he would like to work with mountain bikers. “I’d really like to meet mountain bikers and see if they have ideas about trails,” he says. “We can look. I have rules that I am bound by, but there may be places in this area that could be considered an access road.”

Until then, just know that if you’re riding the trails south and east of the water tank, be careful. There are fences everywhere.

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City Of Carlsbadistan December Video News

by The Editors on December 1, 2011

The latest official news from the City of Carlsbad. Remember, don’t put grease down your sink and other holiday news tips all free.