December 2007

Carlsbad’s Strawberry Gourmet

by The Editors on December 30, 2007

Top Strawberries 003

We’ve seen the van driving around Carlsbadistan (at least we think it’s a van) with the words “Carlsbad Gourmet” on the side. While, we’re not saying that the two words are an oxymoron we will admit that they always seem to make us grin a little. Sadly, we never followed up on it. Now we get to learn all about Russ Brhun’s Carlsbad Gourmet from an interview in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

In 2003, Russ Bruhn founded Carlsbad Gourmet, a business that primarily makes food products with strawberries. Bruhn, 45, has come up with recipes for strawberry spread, strawberry-ginger mustard, strawberry-honey-mustard salad dressing, strawberry hot sauce, strawberry barbecue sauce and the company’s newest product, strawberry balsamic vinaigrette.

Click the link for a story we should have brought you months ago.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune and Carsbad Gourmet]

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Document Sciences Sells For $85 Million

by The Editors on December 29, 2007

Carlsbad-based software company Document Sciences has been purchased by EMC Corp. of suburban Boston for $85 million in cash according to a story in the San Diego Business Journal.

The $14.75-per-share offer is a 79 percent premium on Document Sciences’ Dec. 26 closing price of $8.24 per share. . .The deal still needs stockholder and regulatory approval, and is expected to close in the first quarter of 2008.

Happy New Year to Document’s stock holders. We like 79 percent premiums.

[Link: San Diego Business Journal]

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Ashworth Loses $3.9 Million This Quarter

by The Editors on December 29, 2007

In a report released late Friday, Carlsbad golf clothing designer Ashworth Inc. announced that it only lost $3.9 million in the last quarter. And they are apparently happy about this. Ashworth said:

. . . its new management team is working on a turnaround plan to return the company to profitability. The plan will ‘take hard work and time and may result in short-term peaks and valleys,’ said Ashworth.

Darn, those pesky short term peaks and valleys. . .


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Foursquare Buys $28 Million Nashville Mall

by The Editors on December 29, 2007

Carlsbad-based development company Foursquare Properties has just purchased the Bellevue Mall in Nashville, Tennessee for $28 Million according to as story in the Nashville Business Journal.

The company can now proceed with its plans to transform the struggling mall into a $100 million open-air lifestyle center. . . Nashville’s Metro Planning Commission approved Foursquare’s plan in October. .. . The plan is to turn the enclosed mall into a lifestyle center with major retail anchors. Macy’s department store will remain and continue to own its property.

[Link: Nashville Business Journal]

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Christmas Eve Stabbing At 7-Eleven

by The Editors on December 26, 2007

Paul Iraci, 24, and Christopher Davis, 22, apparently were involved in a fight early Christmas morning in front of the 7-Eleven on Oak Avenue. Both were discovered when a car apparently driven by the man who stabbed them crashed into a closed business near the Carlsbad Inn.

The vehicle was gone when police arrived, but a security guard for the business told officers he saw an injured man walk to the nearby parking lot of Cessy’s Taco Shop, where police found Iraci laying in a pool of blood, according to a press release. . . The second victim, Davis, was identified when he reported to a hospital on Camp Pendleton for treatment of stab wounds, Lowe said.

Police are still searching for at least one suspect. Have a holly jolly Christmas.

[Link: North County Times]

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NORAD Track Santa To Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on December 24, 2007

Nts Top Logo 01As we were writing this the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) had just announced that Santa was now in Madison, Wisconsin and his westward flight across the United States on his way to Carlsbadistan. He should be arriving here in approximately three hours. Check in for Google map updates every five minutes by clicking here.


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Carlsbadistan To Escondido By Rail

by The Editors on December 24, 2007

News-Train280With the recent completion of the $477 million Sprinter light rail line from Oceanside to Escondido it will be possible for Carlsbadistan residents to get to Escondido (and Cal State San Marcos) by train, according to a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

But not everyone is happy. Former Vista Councilman Dick Cooke didn’t like the cost.

I think it’s far too expensive,” former Vista Councilman Dick Cooke said. “They could have built two more lanes on the (state Route) 78, which would have been completed by now.”

Cooke is a prime example of the kind of twisted logic that continues to cripple mass transit in the United States.

Luckily, Carlsbad City Councilwoman Julie Nygaard is on the NCTD board and on the program. She was one of those behind getting a 1.7 mile California State University San Marcos loop so students could ride the train to school. The Sprinter is scheduled to open to the public on Sunday January 13.

[Link: San Deigo Union-Tribune]

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Robbery Suspect Chase Ends in Carlsbad

by The Editors on December 23, 2007

Today we got an email from a Carlsbadistan reader who was at the corner of Palomar Airport Rd, and the Costco parking lot on Thursday night December 20, 2007 at about 8 PM.

Two police cars sat in the middle of the intersection blocking traffic with their lights of for about 4 minutes, then a dark colored truck flew by heading toward the beach, followed by 10 police cars in hot pursuit, the two cars in the intersection squealed as they turned and followed. . . I didn’t see anything in the news on it at night so I figured they must have caught the guy before he got to the freeway and started a real chase.

We’re sorry, but we skipped putting the story up on Friday, so here it is: The truck was a Dodge Ram that undercover police had been “keeping an eye on” according to a story in the North County Times. The truck was involved in a group of 14 robberies in North County over the past six months. While they were tailing the truck the occupants robbed a Domnio’s Pizza at 805 W. San Marcos Blvd.

Law enforcement officers from several agencies pursued the vehicle for about 10 minutes until it crashed near Las Flores Drive and Interstate 5 in Carlsbad, Wager said.

Four Oceanside residents (all suspected gang members) were arrested including: Devon Phillips, 23, and three juveniles, ages 15, 16 and 17. So that’s the story and thanks for keeping us on our game.

[Link: North County Times]

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Last Chance Carlsbadistan Gift Rerun

by The Editors on December 23, 2007


A couple weeks ago we kicked down the Twelve Days of Carlsbadistan Christmas with a gift idea from the neighborhood for each day. For those last minute shoppers (or anyone else who wants to sing along) we’re giving it all up one more time. So here they all are in order of original appearance:

Day 1: Glovables From the Poached Pear
Day 2: Tea Forte from Linda’s Gift
Day 3: Sky King Trike from Ella Grace
Day 4: Havaianas Sandals From The M Collection
Day 5: Men’s Brazillian Wax At Michel Petite Spa
Day 6: Holiday Meals From Prontos’ Gourmet Market
Day 7: Automoblox From Maukilo European Toy Store
Day 8: Bamboo Skateboard From Witt’s
Day 9: Salinas Bikini At Cindy’s Swimwear
Day 10: Brixton Stout From The Den
Day 11: Angulo Stand Up Paddle Board From Legends Surf
Day 12: Terramar Beachfront Lot and Plans

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The Sole Of The Season

by The Editors on December 22, 2007

BfknewshoesinstoreThought we’re not big fans of Oprah Winfrey or her TV show, according to a story in the North County Times, Oprah is responsible for inspiring a Carlsbad couple to create something good for the community. Loretta and Dan Ross started The Barefoot Kids Foundation.

The Rosses didn’t have to look far to find a good cause to which to devote their extra time and money. . . “My son’s a teacher (in North County) and he said he saw many of his elementary school kids wearing their siblings’ battered shoes,” said Ross, who works full time in the elder-care field. “There are some kids who have never gone to a shoe store to get new shoes.”

The Rosses teamed up with Payless Shoe Source to provide free $25 gift cards for kids who need shoes. So far the foundation has given away “a couple hundred” cards, but the Rosses say they’d like to eventually give out thousands. And that sounds like a great idea. Click the link for more information.

[Links: North County Times and Barefoot Kids]

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