October 2010

Halloween On Elm A Boo-ming Success

by The Editors on October 31, 2010

The Super Mario Family
Luigi, Mario, and Princess Peach looking super at Halloween on Elm.

The streets of the Village of Carlsbadistan were filled yesterday (October 30, 2010) with pirates and bumble bees, spider men and fairy princesses, dead girls and ghosts, as the City of Carlsbad hosted Halloween on Elm. The event sponsored by the Carlsbad Education Foundation, New Village Arts Theatre, Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad, and the Carlsbad Village Association.

Kids jumped on bouncy bounces on South State Street, toured the Boys & Girls Club Haunted Mansion on Oak Street, made Halloween crafts at the Coaster Station, put on makeup at New Village Arts Theatre, and hunted the streets for what little candy they could find. So many costumed kids descended on the Village by 3 PM that most of the participating merchants were completely out of candy by 4 PM (the event ran until 9 PM).

Img 0669“I bought three huge bags of candy just like I did last year and gave it all away in the first two hours,” said one State Street shop owner. “We really weren’t expecting this many people.”

That seemed to be the story at many of the Village shops. We ran into several families with disappointed kids. But the dearth of trick or treating opportunities was completely forgotten once the kids got inside the bouncy bounces, started making art, or sat on hay bales watching the Valley Middle School band concert. There was so much going on all over the Village that most kids didn’t even miss not getting any candy. Plus, as someone reminded us: we’ve still got Halloween tomorrow.

Click here for a photo gallery from a Happy Halloween in the Village of Carlsbadistan.

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Carlsbadistan’s Halloween On Elm Oct. 30

by The Editors on October 30, 2010

Halloween ElmfIf we can do something about this rain today will turn out to be epic holiday fun for the kids as the City of Carlsbad presents Halloween on Elm.

“Halloween on Elm is a great place for people to meet their neighbors and enjoy an afternoon of fun and activities in the heart of the village,” said Housing & Neighborhood Services Director, Debbie Fountain. “From carnival games and costume contests to the outdoor movie and the farmers’ market, there is something for everyone.”

Kids will be able to trick or treat local business, jump in a bouncy house, participate in contests, watch an outdoor Halloween movie and much, much more.

Halloween on Elm begins at 2 p.m. today (October 30, 20-10) and runs until 9 PM. The events are primarily located on State and Roosevelt streets. For a complete printable schedule and map of today’s event follow the jump.
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If Only We Could. . .

by The Editors on October 28, 2010

Img 20101023 131018

No better way to explain how tired everyone is getting of all the campaign sign clutter in Carlsbadistan than this message on Aviara.


Carlsbadistan Bumper Cars Knock Out Power

by The Editors on October 28, 2010

The first link in last night’s bumper car chain reaction in Carlsbadistan was when Alexander Roslund plowed his minivan through a red light at the corner of College Boulevard and Carlsbad Village Drive. He slammed into another minivan injuring a 15-year-old girl according to a story in the North County Times.

The second crash occurred when a driver distracted by watching the first crash drifted into a neighboring lane and sideswiped another vehicle, Chapman said. The distracted driver lost control of her vehicle and slammed into an electrical box, causing a power outage that lasted through the night, according to the sergeant.

All this at 7:50 PM? Wasn’t the World Series still on?

[Link: North County Times]


Another Perfect October Day In Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on October 28, 2010


If you’re at work right now (or, God help you, away from Carlsbadistan), this is what you’re missing at 10:58 AM. Oddly, there are no campaign signs on the sand, yet.


Carlsbad Man Arrested On Nebraska Pot Charges

by The Editors on October 27, 2010

Kenneth Turvey, 23, of Carlsbad was arrested Monday night at 11:30 in Lincoln, Nebraska after State Patrollers pulled him over for speeding east on Interstate 80. During the stop they reportedly found more than 28 pounds of marijuana in his trunk, according to a story in the Mercury News.

The patrol says the marijuana was found in four garbage bags in the car trunk. . . Twenty-three-year-old Kenneth Turvey, of Carlsbad, Calif., was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to deliver. He was alone in his car.

So that’s how weed gets to the Midwest.

[Link: Mercury News]


TK Arnold: Farrah Douglas At Work

by Thomas K. Arnold on October 20, 2010

Farrah DouglasIn these days of millionaire politicians and campaign budgets that rival the gross national product of some fair-sized nations, it’s heartening to see some good old-fashioned campaigning going on here in North County.

Most candidates have been stung by the economy and aren’t collecting as much money as they used to. I wouldn’t be surprised if the total price tag for North County elections is less than it was four years ago, when many of the same seats were up for grabs.

Oh, we’re still seeing our share of slick mailers, glossy campaign pamphlets and ubiquitous signs. But we’re also seeing candidates taking to the streets, ringing doorbells and shaking hands with voters—far more than in the past, most observers agree. We’re seeing neighborhood meet-and-greets, barbecues, and candidate appearances at all sorts of community and neighborhood events.

And of all the people running for office, perhaps no one is working harder than Farrah Douglas, the Carlsbad planning commissioner now making her second attempt to land a seat on the city council.
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Mayoral & City Council Forum Tonight

by The Editors on October 20, 2010


Please attend a forum before voting. It is shocking to see the differences in the candidates.

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Junior Seau Drives SUV Off Cliff

by The Editors on October 18, 2010

JrseauSpeaking of cliffs. . . It appears women aren’t the only ones having trouble with our bluffs. TMZ is reporting this morning that football great Junior Seau drove his Cadillac SUV off a Carlsbadistan cliff moments several hours after being released from a 2 AM domestic violence arrest on Monday, October 18, 2010.

We’re told Seau was arrested in San Diego early this morning — and booked into the Vista Detention Facility around 2:00 AM. . . We’re told the retired NFL superstar sustained injuries in the wreck — cops are on scene. TMZ obtained these photos of Seau’s Cadillac Escalade which landed at the bottom of a cliff several feet from the beach.

It appears he went off the cliff just south of the Hilton Garden Inn on Carlsbad Blvd. Seau was reportedly taken to a local hospital. Of all the stories for us to miss. . . we’ll keep you posted. Special thanks to Carlsbadistan tipsters on this one.

[Link: TMZ.com]

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Twenty Illegals Nabbed At Ponto Landing

by The Editors on October 18, 2010

Another panga full of suspected illegal immigrants was arrested at Carlsbadistan’s Ponto Beach (a.k.a Ponto Landing) at 2:30 AM on Friday October, 16, 2010. Thanks to work from a “multiagency force” 21 people were arrested, according to a story in the North County Times.

Many of those aboard the boat ran ashore, while three others tried to escape by pushing the boat back to sea —- but they gave up that attempt when they spotted the emergency lights of an approaching boat with law enforcement officers aboard, the agency said. . . Officials arrested 20 men and one woman as suspected illegal immigrants, and seized the boat, officials said.

For a Carlsbadistan record of past Ponto arrests click here.

[Link: North County Times]