September 2011

Chalk Up Another Carlsbad Art Splash

by The Editors on September 26, 2011

092511 10D   1760

Paper and Stone’s Dana (pictured above) half of the husbad/wife artist collab known as Jeanne Dana was only half kidding when he rushed to hold up a “No Photos” sign as soon as he saw us take out our camera. The artists from Sky Valley, California who were selling their faux marble sculpture this weekend at Carlsbadistan’s Art Splash have seen cameras out before. “You’re okay,” Jeanne said. “But a lot of times artists don’t like people taking pictures of their work. Someone takes a photo and then next day their stuff is is selling at Target.”

092511 10D   1741The chalk artists, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind having their art photographed. After all, photos are the only thing that’s left after the street sweepers come rolling through. But that kind of goes with the transience of the form.

With chalk art there’s not much more than the doing. “None of us get paid to do this, you know, ” said artist Cynthia Kostylo. “We just do it for the art.”

Kostylo, who was covered head-to-toe in chalk dust says she does about seven chalk art events a year. “Some of us have kind of decided that if someone will pay our expenses and fly us out, we’ll do the the art.”

And that’s good, because without the help of artists like Kostylo Art Splash would never even happen. And without it, local schools would not get a little extra money for their art and music programs.

Click here for a photo gallery from Art Splash 2011.

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Carlsbad Art Splashes Armada Drive Today

by The Editors on September 24, 2011

The Chalk Reach

Carlsbadistan’s Armada Drive will get its annual chalk art dressing today (September 24, 2011) as Carlsbad Art Splash takes over the street with art, food, and fun for the entire family. And by the looks of the weather today the word “splash” seems quite appropriate.

Art Splash featured professional chalk art, fine art venders, hands-on art projects, Music, children’s activities and sand sculpture. The community celebration for arts education begins at 10 AM and continues through 5 PM Sunday, September 25, 2011. Click here for a photo gallery from last year, or here for past coverage of the event.
[Link: Carlsbad Art Splash]

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NASA Space Junk Not Hitting Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on September 23, 2011

584115Main Uars 2 946-710

The 35-foot-long, 15-foot-diameter “decommissioned” NASA Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) will quite likely fall from the sky tonight between 8 PM and midnight tonight PDT. The good news for us is that during that time it will not be passing over the continental United States, and more importantly, not over Carlsbadistan according to NASA.

As of 7 p.m. EDT on Sept. 23, 2011, the orbit of UARS was 90 miles by 95 miles (145 km by 150 km). Re-entry is expected between 11 p.m. Friday, Sept. 23, and 3 a.m., Sept. 24, Eastern Daylight Time (3 a.m. to 7 a.m. GMT). During that time period, the satellite will be passing over Canada, Africa and Australia, as well as vast areas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. The risk to public safety is very remote.

The bad news is only for Canada, Africa, and Australia, apparently. If Carlsbadistan wasn’t buried in a continual layer of fog it would be possible to see (and maybe hear) the speeding ball of fire tonight around 7:45 PM, according to NBC San Diego. For more updated info, click the link.

[Link: NASA]

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James “Mr. Superharp” Cotton At MoMM

by The Editors on September 13, 2011

Jamescotton 1313450319Those into blues harmonica (and really, what other kind is there?) will want to hit up Carlsbadistan’s Museum of Making Music on Sunday, September 18, 2011 as Grammy Award-winning player James “Mr. Superharp” Cotton plays at 6:45 PM.

Cotton is celebrating sixty-seven years in the entertainment business (starting at the age of nine), with his unique harmonica style, he has performed alongside blues greats such as B.B. King and Muddy Waters. He recorded almost 30 solo albums, including two highly-regarded releases for Alligator in the 1980s and the famed Harp Attack! with Junior Wells, Carey Bell and Billy Branch in 1990. The New York Daily News calls Cotton “the greatest living blues harmonica player.”

Tickets are $40 for non-members and $35 for those who cared enough to join. Click here to order online or follow the jump for more info. [click to continue…]

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Things To Know When The Power Goes Out

by The Editors on September 8, 2011

The Centers for Disease Control has an amazingly informative page on their site titled: What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out Unexpectedly. Here are the highlights:

— To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, use generators, pressure washers, grills, and similar items outdoors only.

— If the power is out longer than two hours, throw away food that has a temperature higher than 40°F.

— Check with local authorities to be sure your water is safe.

— In hot weather, stay cool and drink plenty of fluids to prevent heat-related illness.

— Wear layers of clothing, which help to keep in body heat.

— Avoid power lines and use electric tools and appliances safely to prevent electrical shock.

For more detailed information, please click the link.

[Link: CDC]

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Carlsbadistan Traffic Is Finally Moving

by The Editors on September 8, 2011

Cbad Traffic

While it took some commuters nearly an hour to get from San Marcos to Carlsbad on Palomar Airport Rd, by 6:35 PM Interstate 5 and Highway 78 were moving. There was some slowing on Northbound 5 at Palomar Airport Rd. (and North of the 78) and Westbound 78 near Emerald Drive. For more live Google traffic maps, click here.

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San Diego Power Outage Could Go All Night

by The Editors on September 8, 2011

Power OutageParts of Carlsbadistan began losing power today (Thursday, September 8, 2011) at around 4 PM. And soon, the power was out all over San Diego County as well as in part of Orange County and Mexico.

SDG&E’s outage report page showed the above image at 4:18 PM, but by 4:45 PM the page was no longer accessible. We’re not sure exactly why.

San Diego Gas & Electric is now saying via @SDGE that “This could go into tomorrow in some areas. Keep safety first.”

For the latest update, please follow us on twitter at Tweet us when power comes back on in your neighborhood.

Update: 5:31 PM: @SDGE We do not have an estimated restoration time. The power could be out through the night and into tomorrow.

Update: 5:41 PM: @CarlsbadParkRec City libraries closing at 6 p.m. Residents should stay home if possible.

Update: 5:59 PM:

View more videos at:

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Swimmer Injures Neck At Walnut St.

by The Editors on September 4, 2011

Walnutst Rescue

Carlsbad State Beach Lifeguards, Park Rangers, and the Carlsbad Fire Department responded yesterday (September3, 2011) just before 5 PM to an injured swimmer near Walnut St. According to witnesses, the middle aged man injured his neck and was transported via ambulance to a local hospital.

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It’s DUI Checkpoint Day In Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on September 2, 2011

Img 8893The Carlsbad Police Department will be hosting a DUI checkpoint today in Carlsbadistan at Palomar Airport Rd and Innovation Way (Bressi Ranchers beware!) giving you all kinds of reason to avoid this stretch of road today.

While they’d probably catch a lot more people driving under the influence on Sunday night, September 4, 2011, is nice of the department to host this DUI checkpoint on Friday before everyone really even gets started drinking. It also means more officers can get their work done and still get to their own responsible Labor Day partying the rest of the weekend.

Follow the jump for more info. [click to continue…]

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Afternoon Swell Backs Off

by The Editors on September 1, 2011

091011 7D   987

There were some huge waves rolling through Carlsbadistan earlier today. Some of them got ridden, however, most (like this one) plowed right through untouched. Today there were more spectators than there were surfers. And we’re pretty sure the State Beach Life Guards were happy about that.

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