March 2011

Carlsbad Police Investigate Valley St. Homicide

by The Editors on March 31, 2011

201103 Arndtown G10 9

Valley Street in the heart of Carlsbad school zone is closed from Magnolia north to Chestnut this morning (April 1, 2011) after Carlsbad Police responded to reports of a disturbance and found a man’s body in a detached garage at a home on the east side of Valley just north of Brady Circle at around 1 AM, according to NBC San Diego.

San Diego 6 has reported that the man died as a result of a stabbing.

A possible suspect vehicle is described as a silver single-cab pickup truck with palm trees in the bed and as many as three people inside. . . Police have been called to the same address on Valley Street before. In August, a police report was filed on domestic abuse battery charges.

This morning at 7 AM the Carlsbad Police Crime Scene Unit was on location as were live satellite trucks from five San Diego news stations. Follow the jump for more photos. [click to continue…]

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Olympians To Run Carlsbad 5000 April 3

by The Editors on March 29, 2011

Image003-1The Carlsbad 5000 already? It’s true. On Sunday, April 3, 2011 thousands of runners will join former winner Aheza Kiros, of Ethiopia and US Olympians Christin Wurth-Thomas and Jen Rhines in a ground-pounding trot through Carlsbadistan in what is considered the world’s fastest 5K run.

“I want to get back there (World Championships) and medal this time,” Wurth-Thomas, the former Arkansas standout said. “I’m excited to run a good race at Carlsbad. My training has been going very well, so why not? I’m coming off an 11-second PR indoors. I’m pretty fit and ready to go, so the sky’s the limit. I’m looking for competition. This will be my first outdoor race (of the season).”

And we’re excited to see it happen. Click here to register, click here for photos (and our coverage) of previous Carlsbad 5000s, or follow the jump for more information. [click to continue…]

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Villaseñor At Carlsbad Library March 31

by The Editors on March 23, 2011

Beyond-Rain-Of-Gold-Cover-2It’s been a years since we’ve read Victor Villaseñor’s Rain of Gold yet we’re still haunted by the story of the skinned steer running up the mountainside. In fact, that’s one of the few things we remember about reading the book, though at the time we remember finding at least the first half of the book amazing reading.

The reason we’re reminded is that Mr. Villaseñor will be appearing at Carlsbad’s Dove Library at 7 PM on Thursday, March 31, 2011 to talk about his new book Beyond Rain of Gold. Here’s how the book is described on Villaseñor’s website:

Villaseñor’s connection with the Spirit World continued to deepen, awakening him to the ongoing miracles inherent in everyday living. He discovered that his life had suddenly taken on a magical quality, with events occurring that transcended the boundaries of what is normally considered “reality.” Beyond Rain of Gold encompasses the magical messages that Villaseñor’s indigenous ancestors told him are universal themes common to native peoples everywhere on this planet . . . and at one time we were all indigenous.

The reading begins at 7 PM in the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad. Books will be available for purchase at the library.

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The Story Behind A Madison Street Shooting

by The Editors on March 23, 2011

CbkOn the evening of April 4, 2009, Juan Carlos Balderas, 21, of Encinitas was found shot dead in an empty lot on Madison Street in Carlsbad. It appeared that an Encinitas gang member had been shot in Carlsbad. But when police arrested three other suspected Encinitas gang members for the crime the question arose: why would Encinitas gang members come to Carlsbad to shoot one of their own.

A story in today’s San Diego Reader, Revenge — Served Cold in Carlsbad, tells of the downside of gang retaliation. Read it and you’ll understand.

[Link: San Diego Reader]

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Roadside Call Boxing With Ann Kulchin

by The Editors on March 23, 2011

Callsafe.WideaAdd this to the long list of things we didn’t know about Carlsbad City Councilperson Ann Kulchin: for the past 20 plus years Kulchin has served on the board of The San Diego Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies. Interesting no? The board, which controls a budget created by a $1 tax that is added to every San Diego County vehicle registration ($2.5 million a year), was created 1986 specifically to install and operate roadside call boxes.

Now that most everyone on the road has a cellphone the boxes don’t get much use anymore. This has left SD SAFE with quite a lot of money to spend on things that aren’t exactly roadside call boxes. And according to a story by SD City Beat writer Dave Maass, Ann Kulchin gets a pretty free hand in deciding where that money goes and there are some who don’t exactly agree with how the money is being spent.

Follow the link for a few concrete examples of how the good ol’ boy/girl network functions in San Diego County.

[Link: SD City Beat]

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Trash Worker Killed By His Own Truck

by The Editors on March 22, 2011

A sanitation worker was killed yesterday (Monday, March 21, 2011) at approximately 10 AM when the truck he was driving ran him over, according to a story on San Diego 6.

The fatal accident in the 800 block of Bluewater Road was reported shortly before 10 a.m., Lt. Marc Reno said. . . The victim, whose name was withheld pending notification of his family, suffered severe injuries to his torso and died at the scene, according to Reno.

If you saw anything, please contact the Carlsbad Police Department. Our thoughts are with the man’s family and friends.

[Link: San Diego 6]

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The Wrecking Crew Documentary At MoMM

by The Editors on March 21, 2011

On Friday, March 25, 2011 Carlsbadistan’s Museum of Making Music will present a documentary film The Wrecking Crew, by Denny Tedesco.

In the early to mid 1960s artists such as The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Sonny & Cher, The Byrds, The Righteous Brothers, Nancy Sinatra, and the Fifth Dimension, topped the pop charts with songs like Up, Up and Away, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Cherish, These Boots Are Made for Walking and Good Vibrations. . . It was known as the West Coast Sound, and the artists who sang these songs are household names, but the musicians who performed those hits were virtually unknown to the listening public and remain so today.

Check out the film Friday night and be enlighteded.

[Link: Museum of Making Music]

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World Water Day At Lagoon Discovery Center

by The Editors on March 20, 2011


Carlsbadistan’s Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center is hosting World Water Day 2011 on March 26, 2011.

This event will feature the SPLASHMOBILE (hands on science fun), SeaLife Aquarium’s Underwater Habitats, Native American Storytelling, children’s craft booths and facepainting, live critters from Kahoots, H2O Trash Patrol, Carlsbad Desalination Project model, Hubbs-Seaworld Fish Hatchery exhibit, Wetlands and Watershed models and maps, Nika Water, Native Garden Tours and water conservation info. Rain barrel raffle! Food, fun, and much much more!

World Water Day begins at 11 AM and will feature appearances by Supervisor Bill Horn and Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall. That’s the part we’re really looking forward too. For more info, click the link.

[Link: World Water Day]

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Carlsbadistan’s Not So Super Moon

by The Editors on March 20, 2011


Thanks to a mostly heavy “marine layer” our shot at seeing last night’s “supermoon” didn’t go so well. But reader Kim O was able to get a few moody black and white images of the super one coming up out in La Costa at around 8:40 PM.

Sadly, that was about all we saw of it. Guess we’ll have until November 14, 2016 and hope for clearer skies. Remember to mark your calendars.

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Radioactive Plume To Reach Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on March 17, 2011

Radia Plume

A computerized model from the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization shows radiation from a nuclear power plant damaged during Japan’s 8.9 earthquake reaching San Diego County as early as Friday evening (8 PM, March 18, 2011), according to a story in the New York Times.

The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory B. Jaczko, said Monday that the plume posed no danger to the United States. “You just aren’t going to have any radiological material that, by the time it traveled those large distances, could present any risk to the American public,” he said in a White House briefing. . . “I don’t want to speculate on various scenarios,” he replied. “But based on the design and the distances involved, it is very unlikely that there would be any harmful impacts.”

Hopefully, Mr. Jaczko is right.

[Link: New York Times]

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