Carlsbad Village Music Walk Needs Musicians

by The Editors on April 14, 2014

Adrian Demain Snyder
Adrian Demain and his ukulele. Photo: Bryan Snyder.

The Carlsbad Music Festival’s Village Music Walk is coming up on June 21, 2014 and they’d like to make sure the streets are filled with music. If you ( or someone you know) is a musician who would like to share their talent and skills on the streets of Carlsbad this summer (as guitarist Adrian Demain did last year), please let them know.

Musicians of all styles and genres are invited to apply. If selected, musicians will be asked to give 1-3 20- minute performances in a Village venue. Solo artists and ensembles/bands will be paid a flat fee of $50 per musician, for as many as 4 musicians in an ensemble. Ensembles larger than 4 pieces are welcome, but our budget is limited to $200 total per ensemble.

The June Village Music Walk is the first of two annual free walk events in the Village of Carlsbad. The second walk event kicks off the 11th annual Carlsbad Music Festival weekend on Sept. 19-21, 2014. For the official word from the Carlsbad Music Festival, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Carlsbad’s Junior Police Academy Graduates

by The Editors on April 3, 2014

Jr Police Academy
A total of 21 members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad graduated from the Junior Police Academy on April 2. Geared for kids between the ages of 9 and 16, classes were designed in conjunction with the Carlsbad Police Department.

“When Club members donned their Junior Police Academy t-shirts, their demeanor changed,” said Club Coordinator Anna Deluna. “The kids knew that by putting on that ‘uniform,’ they were to act with respect, honor, and dignity.”

Junior Police Academy members attended six weekly lessons. Classroom topics included crime prevention, communicating with police officers, finger printing, an introduction to the Explorer program, social media precautions, and the K9 patrol. They also featured various guest speakers who gave insight as to the variety of services the police provides to the Carlsbad community. [click to continue…]


To Kill A Mocking Previews Start Tomorrow

by The Editors on April 2, 2014


Pay-what-you-want previews of To Kill A Mockingbird begin this Friday (April 4, 2014) in preparation for Carlsbad’s New Village Arts Theatre official run of the play which opens on April 12, 2014.

Harper Lee’s quintessential story of race & class struggle in the South comes to life in the intimate NVA space. Scout and Jem Finch come of age as their small community becomes consumed by the hostilities of a prejudicial trial. Featuring Manny Fernandes as their father, Atticus Finch, and narrated by Kristianne Kurner as grown-up Scout.

Click here for tickets, or drop by and pay what you want during previews. It’s going to be great either way.

[Link: New Village Arts Theatre]


Walmart Rolls Out New “Jumbo” Signage

by The Editors on April 1, 2014

ToofattowalkLOUISVILLE, Ky. April 1, 2014 – In an effort to more honestly communicate and serve its primary shopping consumers, Walmart today announced the launch of the newest member of their global weight-friendly initiative family. Meet Jumbo. Jumbo is a entirely new graphic icon that will be featured prominently on parking lot signage, in restrooms, and on the new double-wide check-out lanes coming to Walmart stores.

The new placards, designed by a team of award winning graphic artists, were created to more honestly communicate the nature of the needs of those who require extra assistance in Walmart Stores. Jumbo will be rolling out first at North County San Diego Walmart stores and then to the rest of the 11,302 Walmart stores around the world.

“Walmart is continually looking for innovative ways to increase the efficiency of our communications with customers,” said Stout Gutmeyer, senior vice president of global weight-friendly initiatives. “We felt we were doing the handicapped community a disservice by insinuating that all people who need extra help are confined to wheelchairs, when this is clearly not the case. The fact is the vast majority of those who have trouble easily accessing our stores are simply too fat to walk very far.”

In addition to the added signage, Wal-Mart has promised to increase the number of parking spots located close to the entrance by 15 percent. Those new parking spaces will feature the Jumbo signs and the jumbo logo stenciled to the pavement and will be available to anyone who needs to park closer to the entrance, but who may not be officially documented as physically challenged.

But what about the loss of parking spots up front? Won’t thin customers be upset? “What we’re finding is that with the recent “quantified self” movement, most of our fit shoppers (and we so have them) actually prefer to park their cars far away from the front of the store so they can log more steps on their personal fitness tracking devices,” Gutmeyer said. “So everyone is happy with the new parking.”

For more on Walmart, follow the jump. [click to continue…]

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Noodles & Company Comes To Carlsbad

by The Editors on March 28, 2014

Penne Rosa W Wine

The Colorado based chain of fast casual restaurants, Noodles & Company is celebrating their grand opening in Carlsbad on Monday, March 31, 2014. Their Carlsbad facility is located at 2521 Palomar Airport Road in the new Lowe’s shopping center.

“We are excited to bring our world of flavors to Carlsbad. From healthy to indulgent, spicy to comforting, we have something for everyone, from kids to adults,” said Erin Murphy, Senior Manager of Communications at Noodles & Company. “With a broad menu of noodles, salads, soups and sandwiches, you can get a different taste every day, in lots of different ways. It is flavors from around the world, right down the street. That’s why we’re called Your World Kitchen.”

With more than 380 restaurants already up and running they must be doing something right. We’re not the biggest fans of fast casual, nor chain restaurants, but we’ve always had a good meal at Noodles & Company. Stop buy when you’re feeing hungry. The restaurant will open at 10:30 AM. Follow the jump for the official word from Noodles & Company. [click to continue…]

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Coastal Roundabout Sculpture Approved

by The Editors on March 26, 2014

No, that piece of twisted metal is not the mangled fuselage of a downed Cesna 172, it’s Bay Area artist Roger White Stoller’s newest work “Coastal Helix.” And it will be the centerpiece of North County’s newest (yet rather pointless) traffic circle at the confluence of State Street and Carlsbad Boulevard on the Village’s north end.

“The roundabout is an important entryway into the City of Carlsbad, so we want a piece of art that tells people that this is a vibrant city, a cultural city, a city that treasures the environment and welcomes innovation,” said City of Carlsbad Cultural Arts Manager Vincent Kitch. “Roger White Stoller has developed this piece of art working with stakeholders, the Arts Commission and community members. Everyone involved with the project has been impressed by his design and appreciation of our unique community.”

For the official word from the City of Carlsbad and more on artist Roger White Stoller, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


City To Preview Barrio & Village Master Plan

by The Editors on March 26, 2014


Tomorrow morning (March 27, 2014) Scott Donnell, the senior planner with the City of Carlsbad, will present an update and preview of what’s being planned for Barrio Carlsbad and The Village in Carlsbad’s “master plan.” The meeting will be held at the Village Workshop at 8:30 AM and will conclude by 9:30. Organizers pointed out that:

“This meeting is not part of the potential master planning process. Pending contract approval by the City Council on 3/25, the planning firm will develop a very extensive public outreach and “charrette” process, with many different meeting times and dates so everyone who’s interested can participate. If you can’t make today’s meeting, don’t worry – the process is yet to begin!”

In other words this is not the meeting to get up and complain about how the City of Carlsbad always waits until friends of the City buy up all the land before quietly deciding that changing zoning to allow higher density development is probably “great for the City of Carlsbad.” So please, leave your pitchforks and torches at home.

The Village Workshop is located at 530 Grand Ave in the Village of Carlsbad, California.

[Link: Carlsbad Village]


Glen Campbell’s Kids Play MoMM

by The Editors on March 21, 2014

VictoriaghostAshley and Shannon Campbell –protégés of their father Glen Campbell–and guest Will Carter blend old time favorites and unpredictable elements to create a fresh sound that breaks the mold when Victoria Ghost play Carlsbad’s Museum of Making Music on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

Victoria Ghost is a country duo years in the making. At a very young age, siblings Ashley and Shannon Campbell became proteges of their legendary father, Glen Campbell. Quickly becoming gifted musicians in their own right, the sister and brother team extensively toured the world on Glen Campbell’s “Goodbye Tour” both as the opening act and as part of Glen’s band. Watching their father sell out venues and melt hearts, Ashley and Shannon knew they were destined to create a new sound rooted in classic elements that the music world adores.

General seating tickets are still available. The show begin at 7 PM. The Museum of Making Music is located at 5790 Armada Drive in Carlsbad, California.

[Link: Museum of Making Music]


New Village Arts Theatre Season 14

by The Editors on March 21, 2014


Carlsbadistan’s own New Village Arts Theatre is excited to announce plans for their 14th Season (can you believe it?) and it features a slew of goodness including “Our biggest musical to date…Three San Diego premieres…And a talking dog!”

The season kicks off July 26, 2014 with The Full Monty and finishes up in the Summer of 2015 with Sylvia. For the complete rundown, follow the jump. Or click here to become a season ticket holder.

[Link: New Village Arts Theatre] [click to continue…]


Tri-City Launches New Accessible Icon

by The Editors on March 10, 2014

Image001-6Apparently, the wheelchair crew didn’t like the old accessibility logo that showed a stick man sitting back, lax, in an old-school wheelchair. With all the challenged athletes out there rolling marathons, racing on mountain bike courses, and doing all the things everyone else does, the crew at the Accessible Icon Project decided it was time to update that old, 1968 style logo with a new one that better represented the way people use wheelchairs these days.

The staff at Tri-City Medical Center decided they agreed and became the first facility in the state of California to update all their signage.

“The old symbol no longer accurately depicts the extraordinary people in our community who use wheelchairs,” said Casey Fatch, interim CEO of Tri-City Medical Center. “This new icon is the future – and we thought it was up to the medical community to lead on this issue. This new icon reflects Tri-City’s commitment to treating our patients with caring, dignity, kindness and respect.”

For the official word from Tri-City Medical Center, follow the jump. [click to continue…]