City Adds Four-Way Stops To Garfield

by The Editors on May 14, 2012

Stop Signs1

City crews are out this morning (May 14, 2012) on Garfield Street in the heart of Carlsbadistan adding four-way stops at the intersections of Garfield and Walnut Ave, and Garfield and Juniper Ave. These new stop signs will give speeding drivers the slow-down that neighborhood residents have been hoping for for years.

“I can’t believe how happy the residents are,” said one city worker. “Everyone who has come by has been glad we’re doing this.”

These improvements were made just in time for the summer traffic rush and are set to make Garfield a much safer street for people who live in the neighborhood.

Follow the jump for more photos.Stop Walnut
Four-way stops on Garfield have been a longtime coming. Thanks to the City of Carlsbadistan Garfield just got a whole lot safer.

Stop Walnut2
The new four-way stop at Walnut and Garfield will be a welcome relief for anyone who has ever tried to pull out on to Garfield on a busy Sunday.

Top Juniper
The four-way stop at Juniper St. and Garfield breaks up one of the longest, fastest sections of Garfield.

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Andrew May 14, 2012 at 4:54 pm

Also, there’s a new four way stop on Pine and Lincoln. A big shout out to Carlsbad traffic engineers for being so receptive to making the community safer! They’re definitely dedicated to a livable community and improved mobility.

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