Hensley Can’t Quit Flogging Molly

by The Editors on September 28, 2007

MatIt’s hard to keep a traveling according player tied down. Last January Matt Hensley announced that he was quitting the band Flogging Molly and was going to spend a little more time with his family in Carlsbad. He even bought Squid Joe’s and turned it into Hensley’s Flying Elephant Pub & Grill. But now, with a new album in the works, it appears that the former pro skateboarder is getting back in the band.

Matt says of his return, “The truth is that my life makes sense again, and I feel like I’m where I need to be in this world.” He also ads, “I missed the feeling of ‘knowing where you’re at.’ Being the accordion player in this band is my zone; where I belong. I got emails all the time from people who care deeply about the band. I missed being able to affect people in a positive way.”

While we’re going to miss seeing him around Hensley’s, Flogging Molly fans around the world are going to be much happier that Matt has returned to the band.

[Link: Transworld Skateboarding]

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