Carlsbad iPhone Countdown: T – Five Hours

by The Editors on June 29, 2007

Iphone Pcr-1

The Plaza Camino Real has been staked out. At 10:30 The Carlsbad Four had grabbed their places in line in front the AT&T store right outside Sears on the lower level. Honz (far right, blue shirt) was at the front of the line. “I got here at 6 AM,” he said. “And walked right in to the mall.” Chris (second in line), who works from home had his Macbook open and was doing work. “If I’d have known the line was going to be like this I would have slept in a little longer.” Allen and Brad (who were bringing up the rear of the line at 10:40) didn’t arrive until 10 AM.

Iphone Pcr2When we asked them how many phones they were going to buy, they said, “They already told us we could only buy one each.”

If each store indeed has 20 Apple iPhones as reported, then there may still be room at the Plaza, or across the street in Oside next to Trader Joes.

Currently, Apple stock is holding at the $121 mark. Damn, we’re going to be bummed not having an iPhone tonight. Forget about what we said yesterday.

[Editors’ Note: Allen, Brad, or Chris, if you can, please update us on your progress in the comments section.]

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